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   Chapter 36 A Break

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Updated: 2018-09-29 22:49

In a rushed way, Huan Meirong turned to the pill furnace and placed her sight on the complex lines; however, it was already too late as she could only see how the dim red light blended within the dark colour of the pill furnace.

'Ughh, those formations were worth looking into, ' she closed her eyes disheartened, parting her eyes from the pill furnace. Though she couldn't understand them at all, who knows, she might be able to learn something from them.

*Pat* She lightly patted her forehead with her right hand.

"Stop that, Meirong, " she said before reprimanding herself in her heart, 'You don't have the time to be learning other things.

Stay focused, you first need to see what went wrong with the refinement.'

"Right! Talking about that refinement, where did the dregs go?" She raised both brows and looked back at the inside part of the pill furnace. Before she had closed her eyes earlier, she hadn't seen any burned dregs. It was strange, even if an explosion had occurred, there should be some; though the absence of them answered why there was no charred smell.

"…" She frowned, she hadn't found anything inside. 'But how can that be? Did the pill furnace eat them?' she kept on thinking. She had no knowledge of something like that but that didn't mean it wasn't possible; many incredible things existed in

least a bit of this place and its things but… not yet; I have my priorities, after all."

Then, she blew away the little white specks inside the pill furnace; she only needed to do that in order to clean it. She took back the soft gold ribbon and put the lid back to its corresponding place.

'Now, I have to take a break to recover my soul force, ' she pursed her lips and placed her hands on her hips, adding to her thoughts, 'I got so drained with just the failed attempt of the third part of a powder that is made with one herb. This is…'

"Just how much time and strength will take me to refine other things?" she voiced out.


"Anyway, I better rest first." She vanished after her last sentence was said.



"Aah… did the black stone take pity on me?" She had fallen right on her bed and it hadn't been abruptly despite of the sound that was made.

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