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   Chapter 34 Refining without a Flame (II)

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Huan Meirong was following the method that was in the jade which was a method where she was unfamiliar with most of the parts. Though she might get hurt, a thing she didn't want, she had decided to try that system of refining right now, at the last moment. After all, sooner or later she will have to try it as reaching the Martial Master level will take her some time and she needed to refine pills and liquids to make her cultivation quicker and stable with the plus of having to teach some lessons here and there.

She directed her soul force to the feet of the dark pill furnace. As it was a two rank pill furnace it had two wide feet as the base; each foot had a circular slit which was where the flame, in this case, only the soul entered to heat the pill furnace to make the refinements.

The slits had a thin formation that usually forbade anyone to use it unless it was the owner of it but she had already checked it in the fourth layer of the pagoda and there was no way for her to bind it. However as she was getting headaches because of it, she discovered it was because there was no need of binding it; it was a Noble pill furnace which was a kind of pill furnace that could be used by multiple people as it will never have an owner. Hence, she didn't have to take the effort on binding it and her soul could go through t

ssed up real quick that she had thought it deserved a higher rank. Even so, with her mind set on giving it a go to not back away from her early words, she did as the jade said with increased concentration and alertness.

The process of refining in the jade was with circulating rings of soul force too; they had to be of different sizes and maintained at different distances from the herb depending on what you were extracting. The way she had learnt in the past was much simpler as it was by scrapping the material with soul force, though it still had its trick and grade of difficulty as extracting the correct product with the adequate purity was needed.

As time passed the only sounds that could be heard in the pavilion were that of her breath and the spinning of the rings of soul force.

She didn't know how much time had passed when she felt something was not right, 'Bad…'

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