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   Chapter 33 Refining without a Flame (I)

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 4524

Updated: 2018-09-26 15:13

*At-choo* Huan Meirong sneezed before rubbing her arms. She felt cold; she was wet from head to toe. When she had entered the space within the marquis-shaped black stone she was thinking of landing near the lake and it had worked but she had appeared so near to it that one of her feet had slipped with the earth of the lakeshore, making her fall into the water; it seemed that she also needed to think well the distance when coming in.


"What a good timing! I just hope to not sneeze when I'm refining, " she grumbled as she overlooked the black pill furnace she had taken from the second pedestal of the fourth floor of the Nine-Layered Pagoda after getting out of the lake.

'...' After having said her thoughts aloud she went into a deep contemplation where the more she thought the more she frowned as things had become more perilous to her than they already were.

Right now, she was just at the Martial Qi level which was the level were one just began to adjust their bodies to martial energy. Even though she was quite amazed as it had only passed two weeks and she was already a nine-stars Martial Qi cultivator, just a level below a Martial Fighter, she still couldn't ignite her flame as the attribute can only be used when a martial cultivator reach the Martial Master level as at that level one wouldn't have to worry about harm

eal to her but both were, in fact, so real.


A sneeze broke her marvelled thoughts about the jade and its information. She put the yellow leaf back to the table and stared at the black pill furnace which was a second rank one. She had took the one that was in the middle of her capabilities in alchemy in her past life which also, by coincidence, was the pill furnace which products were the highest an Alchemist could refine when only using the soul force or at least that was the recommendation if you didn't want to cause an irreparable damage to the soul. Of course, there were always exceptions, a prodigious Alchemist could attempt to make a product above rank two without any danger but Huan Meirong didn't consider herself one.

"Alright, let′s get started, Meirong, " she said as she began to manipulate her soul force through her hands; the jade said it was easier that way.

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