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   Chapter 32 Something Serious

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 4234

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Far away, outside Huan City, there was an elegant black carriage with golden peonies carved on it flying through the dark sky; it was being pulled towards the north by two beautiful Lightening Horses.

The space inside the carriage was tens of times bigger than what it looked on the outside so in an ample and comfy closed room with no windows, there were eleven people with the most eye-catching person being a young man clad in dark green with his head lying on a circular wood table in the middle of the room as he looked with regret at the plum blossoms carved on his opened bamboo fan and berated from boredom, "Ughh… That damn Xingtian, I shouldn't have followed him.

Where is the fun?"


He closed his fan before abruptly standing from his chair while supporting himself with his hands on the table, asking, "And where is him? More than a couple of hours have already passed and we are still here.

Arghh… that bastard, he lied to this king."

*Thud* His forehead hit the table when he helplessly and disheartened let himself fall on the chair.

The other ten people who were divided into two groups of five were listening to all the complaints of their King while being standing before the walls to their King's right and left sides. All w

has urgent business to take care off. Hmm…'

Xingtian wasn't paying attention to Qinghai anymore as he was caught in his own thoughts, '… fun to you and many others but to me… it is something serious.

If it wasn't because of today coincidental meeting and those fools I wouldn't be hurrying this.

Tch, Qinghai was right, I should have left my most trusted personnel follow me around. The quicker they arrive at Huan City, the less uneasiness I will feel…

*Sigh* She must be dancing right now, isn't it?'

His head was filled with many more unsaid thoughts but just as with Qinghai's ones, some of them were wrong by miles; Huan Meirong was now standing all wet with furrowed brows before a black pill furnace inside the pavilion that was in the middle of the lake in the space of the little black stone devoid of any dancing mood.

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