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   Chapter 31 To Her Fortune

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Not long before Qinghai decided to follow Xingtian, Huan Meirong spread her soul sense a meter around her when she was at a good distance from the gatekeepers who weren't anymore the ones she had seen in the morning; it was already past noon and the guards had made one of their many shifts of the day.

She was walking by herself now; though Zhi'er had tried to persuade her as he wasn't reassured, he gave up when she used an ordain-like tone. Even so, he still kept a close watch of her as both of them ate some fruit candies on their way back to Huan Meirong's little courtyard.

As she felt somewhat secure inside the City Lord's House, she unconsciously slowed down her pace so it took them more time to cover the distance between her courtyard and the west entrance than before; they took almost two hours.

When they arrived at her courtyard's door, Huan Meirong noticed that there was a wooden plate with two bowls of cold porridge.

"Oh, it is this morning's breakfast." Zhi'er picked up the plate when he also saw it before opening the door.


'It seems that things won't get troublesome, ' she thought as she walked through the doorway, 'Well, that will be as long as the guards in the morning and the ones in the shift don't say anything.'

Because their breakfast was outside, she was sure the maid responsible for bringing it hadn't bothered to wait nor entered in the yard when there was no one to receive the food. Therefore she going out to buy things in the city wouldn't have reached the ears of the City Lord or that's what she hoped for; maids were usually more talkative than guards. That's was also the reason behind Huan Meirong wanting to arrive before the afternoon meal, if the maid had seen the plate with the food, she would have gotten suspicious.

'It is also a good thing that my meal times are only three, I can't complain about it now, ' she added to her thoughts with a bit of

ead to a side before shaking it as he patted the couch where his miss was going to sit, "Nay, aside from the third miss not getting better from her sickness, Zhi'er hasn't heard anything, eldest miss."

"Oh…" Huan Meirong slowly nodded, thinking before taking seat, 'It seems those guards didn't talk. Hmm… I almost forgot Huan Meiqi.

*Sigh* A pity that I can't see.

She must be looking pretty bad.' She giggled with content and readily began to eat.

Zhi'er couldn't make sense of his miss change of expressions but because she had laughed happily at the end, he didn't think more about it and he also began to eat.

The time after dinner didn't go like the previous nights as instead of conditioning her body while dancing as usual, she went directly to bed fifteen minutes later after having finished her porridge and some tasty side-dishes Zhi'er had bought.

When Zhi'er fell asleep despite the strangeness he felt as his miss had just awoken, Huan Meirong opened her eyes and pressed his sleeping acupuncture points to then enter into the little black stone's space.

She was so absorbed in what she was going to do that she completely forgot that there was someone who watched her at night around these hours but to her fortune, this time, that person didn't come.

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