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   Chapter 30 What Fun

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Updated: 2018-09-10 02:58

Huan Meirong and Zhi'er were already at quite the distance from the bustling part of the streets; hence it didn't take long for them to reach the area where there weren't buildings anymore.

Even though they had arrived to a point where people will think twice before putting a foot in as it was part of the City Lord's House despite being an empty land, Huan Meirong still kept her alertness up; some people had already followed her and it could happen again, after all.

And she was so right, she had been followed again but she couldn't notice it.

Not far from her, keeping a certain distance, there was a pair of handsome young men tracing her from behind; both had joined her route just when she had put a step out from the alley where she was waiting for the four people who never showed themselves again.

The man with a cold beauty clad in black hadn't taken his eyes back from her figure since his sight had landed on her again. Even so, his gaze was all over her body, unfocused as there was a pondering light in them.

"Is that girl part of the City Lord's House, brother Xingtian?" Qinghai, who was the other handsome man, suddenly asked when Huan Meirong's destination was evident to him.

'… part of… her? Hmm…' Most of Xingtian′s though

tep was about to land on the ground, he was almost scared witless.

"Why aren't you following me?" Xingtian asked coldly.

"Ah… you… wait, since when did you want me to follow you?" Qinghai replied with a question after his initial shock of suddenly seeing Xingtian in front of him passed.

Xingtian stared at him deeply before turning around to go, saying, "If you want to lose the fun, you can stay here as much as you want."

'Fun?' Qinghai thought before asking, "What fun?"

But he was left with no answer; Xingtian had vanished.

Qinghai hesitated briefly as he tapped his free hand with his closed fan. Then, he shrugged his shoulders, 'All right, he caught me.' Whatever Xingtian called fun, it must be something really fun so after giving a last glance to the City Lord's House, he disappeared in Xingtian's direction.

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