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   Chapter 29 Strange

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Qinghai stopped and looked from right to left and vice versa as he waved his bamboo fan with a pondering look; he knew what had happened as he was aware of some of Xingtian's techniques and abilities. Therefore, he was a bit unhappy as it will be difficult for him to know where he went, at least, not until he used his soul sense or spread his people around but he didn't want to do so; aside that it would be impolite as this Empire wasn't his playground and neither a stranger ones but his friend place, the area that covered that move of Xingtian's was rather wide. Though he didn't know the exact range, Xingtian could have appeared quite far away along with those nasty people, meaning that he would have to exert some strength which could arise some uninvited eyes and ruin his stay here.

Whatever his reasons might be, as Qinghai was about to shoo all of them away along with his care, a familiar sweet and fragrant aroma wafted to his nose, "Hehh…" He closed his fan and an interesting smile was drawn on his charming lips as his eyes radiated a funny knowing light.

He stood in place for a bit more time before disappearing like the wind, chasing away the rich fragrance to its origin; with his nose being as perceptive as it ever had been, it hadn't been difficult for him to locate the site.

The sweetness with a bit of metallic flavour on it he smelt came from a dark alleyway not far from where Huan Meirong was; it was just around a hundred meters away so Qinghai arrived in few seconds.

"Hey!" Qinghai exclaimed when he saw Xingtian's back, "How…" he was about to joke around in a nagging manner at how he was left behind but he could just say a word before seeing the complete panoramic view of the place; there were pieces of bodies lying around Xingtian with blood splashed here and there.

"Ohh… No wonder my nose could perceive this sweetish fragrance this quick, " Qinghai said while approaching to Xingtian, addi

head with a laugh before saying, "Let's go back, we need to be back before the afternoon meal."

"Aye, " Zhi'er replied as he got closer to his miss.

"Oh, it smells wonderful. Zhi'er surely picked the most delicious ones, " she praised and then said as Zhi'er led with a bit of difficulty her hand to his shoulder.

"But of course, " he nodded with smugness, he was proud of his choices.

Huan Meirong laughed with his action before waving her free hand to keep the things in her first golden qiankun bag.

"Huh?" Zhi'er who was looking at the front and was about to walk forward got startled with the things sudden disappearance; he was about to panic but Huan Meirong said, "Here, let's eat these candies on the way back."

"Ah?" Zhi'er took the presented little bag of candies and unconsciously nodded. He opened it with confusion and they were one of the candies he had bought, 'Oh, right! Eldest Miss has a treasure that stores things too.' Zhi'er hadn't seen a qiankun bag before as people usually kept them out from the eyes of other people so he was clueless about the fact that he had touched one of those bags that he regarded as treasures.

*Sigh* He was relieved when he remembered that and began to walk with a slightly upped pace; his miss wanted to go back quickly.

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