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   Chapter 28 Nowhere to be seen

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 5608

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The alley was empty of people but not from things; there were piled wooden boards at the back, and barrels and some boxes lined and piled at both sides. The quantity of those things wasn't much though, as the alley didn't felt crowded despite being only three metres wide, but that also might be because it was three whole floors high; it was that high and narrow that it made the sun that was rising up high barely slip into the alley some of its rays.

As soon as Huan Meirong felt the cool sensation of the shadow made by the two buildings on each side, she said to Zhi'er, "Right, Zhi'er. Go and buy some food to bring back home.

Here, have some gold coins; take your time and pick the most delicious food and sweets." Though Zhi'er had almost twenty silver coins that were more than enough to buy plenty of food, she gave him more money for Zhi'er to not be shy in trying to left money for later, this way he will buy without caring for the next weeks; if he returned from buying quickly, it wouldn't be good.

"Ah… aye, " Zhi'er turned back and took the gold coins at her sudden order.

Before he could comply his miss orders, he led her to take seat in a wooden box that was next to the building on his left. They had to walk a bit more as it was around the middle part of the alleyway; near the entrance, there were only barrels lined at both sides of the alley, and they were too big for her to sit without having to jump.

"Eldest miss, Zhi'er will be back quickly, " Zhi'er hurriedly said when Huan Meirong sat; he didn't even let her say a word before running away to buy what he was told. He felt apprehension when it came to leaving her alone in a place lik

or that was what he had heard. At that time, he had also wanted to talk to her; he suddenly entering into direct contact with her had made him want to get closer to her but he was out of words and chose to leave.

Now, he had another opportunity, an opportunity that won't come to be as his flames of fury had been completely ignited at this point; the chattering of the four men had grown so rampant as they give details of their seasoning techniques.

The four men who had even purposely slowed down their pace to enjoy the moment better with their increased hunger, disappeared out of nowhere when they were about to be at just one store in distance from reaching the alleyway; they didn't have the time to utter a scream when they felt their feet sank into the ground before founding themselves surrounded by a world of pitch black darkness.

Qinghai who was the farthest away was thinking if those men were some unsuccessful scholars from their adorned talk devoid of class when they unexpectedly vanished from his vision and they weren't the only ones, his friend, Xingtian, was nowhere to be seen, "Huh?!"

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