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   Chapter 27 But also…

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"Big sister, be sure to come back, " the little kid said waving one hand from behind the doorway.

Both of Huan Meirong feet's had just left the last step of the herb store's entrance and landed on the ground of the street when she heard the little child invite to come back. She gave a step back and turned half of her body around, saying, "But of course, take good care of the elder, Hua'er."

"Yes, yes, yes, " Hua'er replied with shiny eyes.

Huan Meirong nodded with a smile on her cherry lips before turning to a Zhi'er who was stealing glimpses at the overfriendly Hua'er who was now turning around to go back to the store's chores. And before they began to walk, she said to Zhi'er with a regretful and then cheerful tone, "It's time to go home, Zhi'er. But let's pick the lively way when going back." When she had come out, she had felt right away the four people that had followed her till this place so she chose the bustling road.

Though Zhi'er didn't know his miss mind, he still nodded, "Aye."

The way back was different from the one they had come; therefore, Zhi'er explained the buildings that were around. There were restaurants, little food stalls and even street performances on the path he chose. It was really boisterous but her mood wasn't up to this liveliness; with every step she gave, it had been si

she was wrong. As soon as she felt those other people were about to jump into the pool and follow the four men actions, they stopped; she didn't know why but she heard their steps wavering before suddenly going stagnant.

It was strange and the only explanation she formed was that they must have recognized the team of four that had been following her from the start. If it was true and coupled with the fact that they had chosen to retreat, it mean that she was in trouble, making her re-think her way of action; she will have the time to think about the reason she had caught their attention later.

"Eldest miss, this way, to our left, " Zhi'er finally said when he spotted an alley between two four-floor buildings. They weren't restaurants but big stores where raw meat and vegetables were sold to the restaurants.

"Oh, " she nodded and followed Zhi'ers lead into the alley.

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