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   Chapter 26 I Did It Well

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Qinghai soon grew bored; there wasn't much movement inside, the footsteps of an old man and a kid walking in the back part of the store were the only noise he could hear. The situation couldn't have been more static and unappealing that he didn't bother in using his soul sense to see what was going inside. He really wondered how Xingtian seemed to put more attention as the time passed.

'Tsk, tsk…' he shook his head in his mind, not understanding what could have him like that.

*Sigh* Then, he turned his sight to the table and began to play with the cup before him that was full of a bluish wine to release some of his boredom…

It wasn't until half an hour had gone by that the old man and his grandchild came out from the room at the back of the herb store. Even so, the old man had yet to finish collecting all the herbs on the list so he was now going through the shelves of the store with his grandchild helping him by the side after both had left some boxes on the counter.

When they had come out, Huan Meirong had wanted to ask them about some of the herbs she had identified but hearing how busy they were she decided to wait; she could hear how, every now and then, the little kid went and came from the old man to the counter to put some boxes on it.

Almost twenty minutes passed for the old man to finally go back to the counter, "The young lady, here are all. Would the young lady like to check up the contents?"

Huan Meirong got up from her sitting position and took out her hand from her veiled-hat to wave it, "There's no need but Meirong would like to ask, does his elderly sells Golden Mellow Peaches, Cold Water Lilies and Red Spirit Ambergris?" This time, she first asked to know if he had them instead of throwing a list away.

"Ah, yes, yes." The old man replied with a slight pause between his words. It was strange for her to ask as they were on display no far from where she was. But he didn't go deep into it as whatever assumption he made would be just that, a simple guess; he didn't have a way to know the right answer to the question he had in his head.

'So I was right.' She tilted her head to a side while rising her hand to her chin to make a thinking gesture, 'Then, this store had more kinds of herbs that I had thought but how?' Because Zhi'er had told her that it was a small herb store, she had assumed that it only sold rank one and two

sed whatever feeling it had sprouted in her heart and thought positive, 'Long live to the south, I guess.' And then, she took out the 180 golden coins from the qiankun bag she had got earlier.

The old man took them with a wave of his hand and nodded, though he hadn't count them; the young lady had trusted him so he chose to do the same.

Huan Meirong did the same, she focused on the lingering herbs' aroma from the thin wooden boxes and some folded sheets on the counter and waved her hand.

When the things were inside her first golden qiankun bag she checked them, just to see if she hadn't taken anything extra.

'*Sigh* I did it well, ' she felt relieved with her success, "Thanks, we will come back. Zhi'er let's go back, " she said before turning around to go.

"Aye, " Zhi'er nodded cheerfully as he walked to her to lead the way; he was happy that his miss had bought what she wanted, though he didn't know from where his miss had gotten so much gold. In fact, he had been a pool of opposite emotions in the short amount of time from where the old man had said how much it was till his miss had gotten her things; he had felt anguish when the old man uttered the amount of gold, surprise when his miss had paid and then really happy with the latter.

"Hua'er, send the young lady and little customer out."

"Ah! Yes, yes, " the little kid replied and rushed to accompany them to the door.

Huan Meirong heard the old man and turned her head back without stopping her steps and gave a slight nod.

The old man nodded in reply before returning to the room in the back.

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