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   Chapter 25 Captivated by Her

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 4068

Updated: 2018-08-27 18:00

As Huan Meirong waited inside, outside too, there were people waiting; the four people that had been following her had sat on a table outside of a bustling restaurant located beside a fabric store that was opposite to the little herb store where she was and they weren't the only ones.

On the second floor of the same restaurant, there were now only two handsome young men sitting there, near a window with a view to the street.

Both of the handsome young men were looking at the herb store but their gazes were different; the black-robed young man deep and cold eyes were solely on a maiden with a veiled hat that sat inside, from his position he could roughly see her through the open door of the store while his companion who was clad in dark green was looking with intrigue at the whole store, he wasn't in a good position as to see more than some shelves with herbs that couldn't catch his attention through its door and windows.

The face of the man clad in green was full of expressions; he seemed to have many thoughts going through his head. Therefore, at length, he couldn't help but voice part of them out when he had made some conjectures about her, "Brother Xingtian, you have always had eyes to pic

nked for a while now, " Qinghai rolled his eyes and jested while waving his fan in front of Xingtian's face.

Xingtian whose thoughts had been disrupted closed his eyes; then he opened and glared at Qinghai from the corner of his eyes.

Qinghai recovered his fan and gave him a devilish smirk as an answer to his cold glare, making him retrieve his dagger-like eyes and relocate his sight back on the figure inside the store.

'Tsk, this guy is more nonchalant than Shandong, ' he sighed with regret in his heart; making a conversation with his two junior apprentice brothers was a difficult task, 'Well, at least, it isn't impossible for me.' With that in mind, Qinghai went back to put his attention on the store to try and have a clue about what was making Xingtian keep his distance and be like this.

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