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   Chapter 24 Waiting

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"Coming. Who is looking for this old man?" Huan Meirong and Zhi'er heard some coughing and the rough and tired reply of an old man as they walked to the counter.

"Meirong is.

My apologies for disturbing the elder but Meirong needs of the elder attention, " she apologized, the old man didn't sound that good.

'A good girl, ' the old man couldn't help but give a simple praise in his heart; he wasn't expecting an apology because there was no need of one as it was his job to manage this store. Moreover, her voice sounded like the one of a well-bred lady which gave him a surprise; such ladies tended to be arrogant or faked to be gentle.

As someone who had lived long enough and resided where plenty of servants came to buy and talk, he was aware of it; there were little females in the gentry that were truly kind and benevolent and the lady in front of him seemed to be one but her looks didn't seem to fit.

'Is my assessing wrong?' He thought before quickly shook it away. A customer was a customer and some had given him quite the surprise in the past so he promptly replied, "There's no need, young lady.

*Cough* It is me the one who must be apologizing for not being present, " he returned the apology before turning around to look at his grandson

ves comfortable; this may take a little time."

Huan Meirong was surprised, this old man had strange manners; he had grown old in a kind way.

She didn't reply and just sat when the chairs were brought with the help of Zhi'er.

Zhi'er didn't take a seat, though there was another chair for him; he just stood to a side of his miss and waited. He tried to be a good kid and behave but from time to time he would curiously look around or play with his hands.

Huan Meirong didn't try to persuade Zhi'er for him to sit as she was focused on separating the several herb fragrances in the air to see calmly what other useful herbs were here; she had only named the ones she needed right away.

Time went on and she got some surprises with some of the smells she recognized but she was kinda sceptical, 'This is a small store, right?' she wondered.

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