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   Chapter 23 Different From the Others

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 4167

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'Have I heard wrong?' Qinghai thought, 'Xingtian has just...' His entirely self was shaken. Xingtian was like himself; someone who would leave things to his subordinates unless the business was really important so why had he...

'Could that girl be... different from the others?' With that question in his head, he reassumed his steps, following Xingtian from behind and without bothering him anymore; he wanted to have a good panoramic view to give himself an overall idea about what was going in Xingtian's mind.

Huan Meirong and Zhi'er had already turned at the corner to their left by this time and they were a few steps from the herb shop.

"Eldest miss, it is in front, we are almost there, " Zhi'er said as he unconsciously pointed to a little store ahead to his right.

"I hope eldest miss can buy all that eldest miss wants, " he added when he saw how little the shop was and felt the little bag with silver coins in his chest.

'I hope that too, ' she agreed with Zhi'er in her thoughts.

They reached the entrance of the little herb shop and not long before they crossed its doorway, the smell of tens of herbs assaulted her nose. They were just rank one and two herbs and weren't of high quality, some just barely reached the

d informal. A month before her death, she remembered her big brother said to her that everything was getting in place and needed to go back to the All Boundary School main headquarters to take of some details but she died; she really hoped things had gone as he planned.


Huan Meirong put aside her speculations and worries when she heard the squeaking sound of a door opening, the little kid hadn't given her a reply and had gone to the back of the store as her head was pondering on her past; she had been aware of it but she hadn't cared till he arrived before the door at the back and opened it.

"Grandpa, grandpa, a big sister is looking for you, " the little kid called.

'A kid is a kid, ' she laughed to herself at the effusive calling of the child before telling Zhi'er to lead the way to the counter.

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