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   Chapter 22 I’m More Than Enough

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 5233

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Huan Meirong pressed the golden qiankun bag with her hand once it was completely within her grasp, it was as though she wanted to hid it.

'What is that man thinking?' she thought before calling out and lowering her head, "Zhi'er, the hat."

Zhi'er patted the dust on the veiled hat and then, he put it on her head.

When the veil was in place, she said, "Let's walk around."

"Aye, " Zhi'er answered her; he didn't ask why and neither the contents of the little golden bag, though he was curious.

He took her hand, the one that wasn't holding anything, and led it to his shoulder before beginning to walk and start explaining the things that were around.

'That bastard...' Huan Meirong wasn't hearing Zhi'ers words but to all her curses in her head and to some pairs of orderly steps that seemed to be following them.

She had acted the most normal that she could when she had received the golden qiankun bag and Zhi'er was so clueless and confused that his reaction couldn't have been more normal; however, it seemed they had aroused the interest of some people.

'Those steps are four pairs so they are four people. If they are truly following us, it couldn't be for the qiankun bag as they couldn't have assessed it is a qiankun bag without touching it unless they have a certain strength which is impossible for them to have reached it because I found them out... unless they took me for a weakling who isn't worthy of they being wary so... it should be because of me.'

Because qiankun bags despite being simply designed looked pretty, non-cult

stood much about it though; hence, he had come to annoy him now.

Xingtian wasn't surprised with Qinghai's sudden appearance. He didn't stop and just threw him a cold glare from the corner of his eyes.

Qinghai as if seeing nothing, adding, "You are not his only admirer though. I wonder if they don't regret not being the ones bumping with her and grabbing her hairpin." With his last sentence, he opened his fan and looked down to Xingtian's hand; there was a fine bluish hairpin there.

His jesting was evident, making Xingtian open his thin lips to say, "Cro…"

"Auch, don't be so cold. Don't start with that annoying form of addressing, I was just messing around, " Qinghai quickly interceded, not letting him complete even a word; he knew he had really annoyed him so he closed his fan and offered, "Want me to take care of them? I brought plenty of my people on this trip. Though, one of them will be more than enough."

"I'm more than enough, " Xingtian coldly replied.

"Huh?" Qinghai came to a sudden stop, flabbergasted.

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