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   Chapter 21 A Pervert !

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 4288

Updated: 2018-08-17 00:52

Huan Meirong furrowed her little nose with the strong smell of wine as she felt a well-built male constitution and his high point of view; she mustn't even reach his shoulders. This wasn't good, he had technically saved her from a major embarrassment but… he was a male and from what she felt he couldn't be that old; moreover, he reeked of alcohol so much that… could have been on purpose? A pervert?! However, before her flame of wrath could ignite because all the possibilities she thought in less than a split second, she felt the frozen state of the man; it was as though he was shocked and wasn't what he wanted.

Therefore, she took a deep breath in her heart while swiftly stepping back, making her already hanging veiled hat fell. She didn't care about it and said with suppressed anger, "This miss gave her thanks to the Sir."

Zhi'er who was white like a sheet of paper because of the sudden occurrence was about to apologize as he usually does but he noticed the tall black-robed young man to whom his miss had just said thanks, staring fixedly at her without blinking.

He jolted and sprang forward with wariness in his face to pick up the dropped veiled hat that was on the ground between his miss and the young man.

His noisy movement made Huan Meirong break her


'Uh? He is already gone?!' She exclaimed in her mind; she hadn't heard his steps going away. 'Hmm… now that I think, I don't seem to have heard them before… Nevermind, I tripped and wasn't paying too much attention so… huh? Hold on…'

"Zhi'er, did you say he took the hairpin away and gave you a little golden bag?"

"Aye, " Zhi'er nodded, adding, "A very beautiful little golden bag."

Huan Meirong had an expressionless face with Zhi'ers confirmation, but not before long she gave herself a negative answer in her head to her silent thoughts.

"Give it to me, " she raised her hand and said.

Zhi'er did as told and she received the golden bag.

Just as she touched the little bag with her fair fingers, her body froze, 'An ownerless golden qiankun bag!' Her thoughts about that possibility were right; she couldn't believe it.

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