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   Chapter 20 A Rich Flavour of Wine

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 6616

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Huan Meirong was unaware that they were being tailed behind by one handsome but cold young man; even though all of her senses, minus her sight now, were sharp because of her past training, she couldn't notice it and that was with the fact that she was deepening them to be aware of her surroundings.

This noisy streets were perfect for her to know where to walk, she could hear the voices of the little store vendors at both sides of the streets, their customers and also the ones that were behind of the little street stores that from what she could hear were the stores that had an actual building to sell; the steps of the people there sounded different as those people were walking on the floor while the ones on the little stores walked around the ground as the stores on the streets where surely just a wide table with their things to sell on it. There were quite of them but not too many as not all the owners of the store buildings let another store, for smaller that it were, be in front of them.

Even so, she still let Zhi'er guide her all the way. Though she had more or less familiarized with the strangeness of her situation and wanted to give it a try by herself, it would be weird if she were to be found out. Moreover, without her soul sense, she had no way to find out the inanimate things unless someone made noise with them or had a strong scent so if she were to stumble upon a rock with so many people around, that would be disastrous.

Therefore, with a restricted urge to walk by herself, Zhi'er led her from one street to another until they finally arrived at their destination.

"Eldest miss, it's here. This way please, there are two steps so careful, eldest miss." Zhi'er helped her climb the couple of steps and they entered a simple one-floor wooden building.

There were no decorations inside but just two showcases to the left and right with some jewellery worth some silver and gold, and in front of the door entrance, at the back, was a woo

price wouldn't be too much. Moreover, she wasn't used to do something like bargaining.

"Aye, " Zhi'er nodded; he didn't know why his miss had declined but he thought that such beautiful hairpin must be at least worth many gold coins.

The old man didn't stop them and just furrowed his brows. He was displeased and wanted to curse for making him waste his time but he didn't do it.

"Hmph, " he just harrumphed and crossed his arms to rest, forgetting whatever displeasure he could have had…

"Eldest miss, that old man must really be old. Eldest miss hairpin is obviously the best. If I could, Zhi'er would offer thousands of gold."

"Pff…" She laughed merrily like the birds and released Zhi'ers shoulder, saying amid her laughter, "It seems that Zhi'er had better eyesight than many."

Zhi'er smiled happily because of his miss praise but to his bad, he got distracted and Huan Meirong tripped with a stone.

She too was distracted as she was laughing, making her have a late response to manoeuvre her body and not fall. Even so, by instinct, she dropped the hairpin that was still on her hand and reached out both of her hands to hold onto whatever it might be in front.

*Auch* she exclaimed but she hadn't fallen onto the ground but bumped with a person, a person who had a rich flavour of wine.

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