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   Chapter 19 That Silhouette

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"Eldest miss, the west part of the city is where all kinds of restaurants and selling stores are located. They are the most luxurious in the city because the Imperial Treasure Hall is also located in that area. The place we are going is at the northwest, pretty close from here; it is not as luxurious but is still pretty good and the prices of the stores there are affordable, " Zhi'er explained.

Huan Meirong nodded in reply as she adjusted her other senses. It was strange to see all dark and not being familiar with the place; she even felt a little apprehension.

The City Lord's House was located in the north most part of Huan City and because the City Lord liked his privacy, the house which was more like a huge estate had no buildings but rough ground surrounding it inside the city.

It took them half an hour to reach a bustling store street.

As soon as they put a foot in, Zhi'er led her into an alley and said, "Eldest miss, wait here. Zhi'er will be back quickly."

She was left with her cherry mouth half-opened; he had already run away.

Soon, Zhi'er came back, saying with agitated breath, "Eldest… miss, Zhi'er is s-orry… made the eld-est miss wait… and…"

"Catch your breath back first, Zhi'er, " she said patiently, thinking, 'This little guy has lots to learn.'

Zhi'er did as told; then, he said, "Zhi'er bought a veiled hat, many misses use them and this has beautiful…"

"Alright, " she didn't let him finish and she lowered her head. Zhi'er understood her motion and put the veiled hat on her head. The hat was made of common bamboo, its veil was white with funnily, little blue orchids embroidered at the end of the veil's length that reached her willowy waist; it didn't cover much but was more than enough to hide her beautiful face.

Zhi'er nodded and they began to walk while he introduced the stores and buildings he was familiar with.


Meanwhile, on the third floor of a low-key restaurant…

"What has brought you he

rother's action, his nose was assaulted by a fragrant aroma; he got goosebumps as he remembered Xingtian last phrase. 'That bastard…' he cursed in his mind as he gulped some saliva trying to maintain his cool to say as he deviated his sight from Xingtian's black robes to face the enchanting females, "Beautiful ladies, this king would like to enjoy your company. But this king has to go." He gulped the untouched wine that was served to him when he came here.

*Thud* He placed the empty cup on the table and said, "It's on this king." He left several pieces of gold and beautiful jade pendants on the table before going out of the window too. The charming girls were stunned, there were even seen some Martial Energy Pills rolling on the table. They wanted to refuse but they only saw his green shadow dissipating; they were left helpless.

Xingtian had mingled with the bustling crowd on the street by now. He was seeing ahead as he walked through the people while thinking, 'That kid is… Then, that silhouette…' His fast steps slowed down when he was sure who the owner of that figure was; his cold eyes turned bright and a delightful smile slowly blossomed, his steps never stopped and continued to chase after it with a relaxed pace but without losing sight of the figure he had seen countless times at night.

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