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   Chapter 18 Sick

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As they stepped out of the courtyard, Huan Meirong stopped and said, "Right, you keep this, Zhi'er." She passed to him the little sac with silver coins. She was blind so she wasn't going to be the one who pays; even if she knew that the most powerful person in this city was the City Lord, it wouldn't be smart of her to spread her soul force outside as there could be someone more powerful out there.

"Aye." Zhi'er took the little sac and kept it inside the outside part of his worn-out servant robes.

He turned back to see his miss but he saw she was already more than ten steps ahead and that there was a foot-sized stone on her way; with just three steps, she will be tripping with it.

His heart jolted and he gave long strides to catch up with her, screaming, "A rock! Eldest miss, careful."

Huan Meirong already knew that, she was using her soul force at the moment after all but only a meter around her. When she had spread her soul force yesterday, she had memorized where the buildings and paths of this house were but she didn't remember some inanimate things like rocks and the like as her memory was good but not that good; hence, she had spread her soul sense but was going to retrieve before even giving a step outside. Even so, she stopped at Zhi'ers call.

"Eldest miss must wait for Zhi'er to lead the way and… and…" He was about to say to hold onto him and was about to take her hand for him to guide her but how could he say it? He had had close contact with the miss before but it was per her orders, how could he put forward such a thing?

Huan Meirong saw his action and knew what he was thinking so she placed her hand on his shoulder and said, "Alright, Zhi'er can guide my direction but… don't ever say what I must or mu

show it. She could pass the first greeting like a call due to his surprise but the second one… it couldn't be a mistake anymore. What she couldn't guess was that even though she was blind and dressed in worn-out clothes, her high-above-all air and calmness of an Empress was still present.

She gave a slight nod in reply and went through the gate with Zhi'ers help.

Both guards diverted their gazes until the white figure was out form their sight. The guard to first salute said with his always lively voice, "Our eldest miss seems to not be like the rumours but…"

"Shhh… Wei Min, you know that that isn't something to talk about outside these walls, " his partner on vigil who was older said. Even so, he nodded in reply and asked, "Should we report?"

The guard called Wei Min gave it a thought before replying in a low voice, "No. Looking at her clothing, her treatment by the City Lord must be as the rumours say so… better not to."

The older guard pondered on it with a frown before looking to his companion. They looked at each other and finally, they shook their heads simultaneously and their attention went back to keep a good watch on their gate.

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