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   Chapter 17 Going Out

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Being already inside the bathtub, Huan Meirong warmed up the water after taking out her anger.

*Flop* She undressed and threw her wet clothes onto the floor before bathing. She only took up to ten minutes to bathe as she wanted to sleep a little; she was tired.



She got up from the water and went out of the bathtub, splashing some water around.

Once out, she dried her hair and wet clothes, and after dressing up she went to bed but she only slept for a bit more than an hour; she had planned to go out early so she woke up some minutes before seven.

Zhi'er was still asleep; hence, she waited for him to wake up seated before the table.

When Zhi'er awoke, he got out of the bed right away as he saw the bright sun outside. He quickly tidied up his clothes and when he did it, he saw the marks of lashes on his thin arms. He was surprised; he had completely forgotten what had happened yesterday because his body didn't hurt anymore despite the lashes being still visible.

'How could…' He wondered as he turned his body back to face the bed to look at his miss but unlike to what he was expecting to see, his miss wasn't there.

"Huh?! Eldest Miss

year or so in the streets and had seen more than what a normal child is allowed to see. His miss was so beautiful but had no strength and was blind so from whichever point he saw it, things were destined to be detrimental for her.

When he reached her side, he asked, "Where does eldest miss would like to go?"

She didn't answer but asked instead, "Where can someone exchange something for some gold?"

He didn't even gave a thought and replied, "There is a place like that next to the little artefact store of eldest miss' maternal family."

'Little store… maternal family… hmmh…' She began to doubt that something "little" could be related to this body's mother. Whatever the case, she shouldn't care about it right now.

Therefore, at length, she replied. "Then, we go there."

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