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   Chapter 16 Something to Sell

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 6711

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After saying her sentence, Huan Meirong focused her attention on the picture again and the more she looked at it, the more she thought she was a combination of both of them; a much more beautiful combination, of course.

She passed her fingers on his image's countenance and thought with a curious radiance on her expression that she was unaware about, 'I wonder if he is still alive…' but less than a second later, she frowned and said, "No, don't think ahead. I must be sure first, which means that I will need to buy a Kinship Blood Stone but… they are quite pricey."

*Sigh* She shook her head and looked back to the pagoda, thinking resentful, 'If it wasn't because this E-ex Empress has not the capability to sell those precious artefacts and invaluable herbs yet, I wouldn't be on bankrupt and with an aching head, ' she turned her sight back to the lake and added, 'Tch, Why can't soul force be used to attack too?'

She had a powerful soul and it was great in terms of perception, tracking and to hide from people, but it had no use in combat; she could sneak around the City Lord's House thanks to it but if she were to be spotted right now, her end wouldn't be good as she had practically no cultivation yet. Moreover, though her body became healthier, it was still not as strong as her past one. Therefore, even if she had her moves as an assassin, they wouldn't be of much help; the disparity in strength would simply be too much.


'There is a long path for me to walk but for now, let's see what else this box has.'

To her disappointment, it wasn't much. "Three and a half hairpins?" she furrowed her brows, thinking, 'They are exquisitely made but are they valuable? Well, to be placed inside this strange case, they must be.'

She looked at them and picked two, ones that seemed to be twin hairpins; they looked alike. Both were made of a dark blue crystalline material with shades of white, they were very simple because of its twelve centimetres in length, nine were its l

hids were; the orchids seemed to hover around the Phoenix.

"Anyway, you are lucky, you are too fancy as to gamble my low-key life with you, " she spoke to the hairpin with the orchids. "It has to be one or both of you, then, " she said as she placed back the orchid hairpin and took the other twin one. She gave them a look and went into thinking.

At length, she shrugged her shoulders and pressed her fingers on where the two characters on each of them were; she left a soul mark on them which was a technique used by assassins with powerful souls to track. Even if she sells them, she will recover them back.

When she finished, she waved her hand and took both of them into her qiankun bag. Then, she closed Yu Lanlan's case and went to the pavilion to left it on the floor there.

"At least, after all that trouble, I have something to sell, " she said as she patted her skirt before going out.

'Though, it might not be enough to buy the Kinship Blood Stone but…'




*Cough, cough, cough*

Her thinking was interrupted, and what way of breaking her thoughts; she had fallen inside her bathtub which was filled with cold water.


"Brrph. Alright, I get it now… *cough* But it was a hot bath the one I was thinking about, " she berated with an angry face as she rubbed her arms.

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