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   Chapter 15 A Picture

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"Auch, " this was the second time she had entered the space within the little black stone as she had cultivated and practised outside of it as there wasn't a difference regarding the amount of energy in both places; thus, she hadn't mastered her entrance and fell to the ground just like the first time.

"Huh?" She spread her soul sense and noticed that she was at paces of the Nine-Layered Pagoda and not in the place where she had appeared before, 'Could it be because I was thinking on it when I entered?' she thought with her head tilted as she looked up to the pagoda.

"Errhg, whatever, " she shook her head and stood up before thinking, 'I will have plenty of time to ponder about that later.'

She went to the lake shore that was beside the pagoda and sat there; then, she first took out from her sash the thin and undetectable thing she found at Yu Lanlan's main chamber.

"How beautiful, " her eyes were wide open as she looked to a thin yellowish crystal on her left hand; it was of the size of a palm and its shape was that of two isosceles trapezoids joined by their bigger bases.

She took it from a corner with her right-hand fingers and raised her arm to the sky to look it better with the aid of the sunlight of this place.

"A blue orchid?" she blinked in wonder.

She lowered her hand and cleaned the soil on one of the sides of the crystal with her left hand; then, she touched its surface but it was smooth. There was a blue orchid in the middle of the crystal but it wasn't carved on it but inside the thin crystal.

"Interesting, how can this be?" she took the piece of crystal from its corners, each of them with one hand and looked with half open eyes to the thin side. She couldn't see anything; it was thinner than a sheet of paper.

Before long, she threw away such ponder; she wasn't an artefact maker and didn't have such knowledge.

"Now, why I couldn't see it outside but here I can? And, does it have another function aside from being a good looking piece of jewellery? Hmmh..."

She tried all she could think about: infusing her martial energy didn't work, her spirit energy was negligent at the moment and gave no results, and her soul force was as useless in this case as

d happened to hers after that treacherous event.

"Forget it, " she shook her head and went back to look at the picture. "And what I'm supposed to think about this? The woman on the left must be Yu Lanlan, I have like sixty per cent of her looks and the baby in the middle must be me but… who is the man on the right? And why do I think I look like him, " if she hadn't seen the burly constitution of this body's father before, she could have thought that the man on the picture was the City Lord but the image of the man had a very handsome face and was slim so who was it?

In her ponder, she began a monologue:

"Could it be her brother?"

"No, they don't look alike."

"Her Friend?"

"No, they seem to be more familiar with each other and very very happy at that."

"The City Lord's brother?"

"Wait, does he have a brother?"

"Well, even if he has one, it couldn't be this handsome."

"But if it's not their brother or cousin, how could I share some similarities in the appearance?"

"Could it be… No, it can't be…"

"Did Yu Lanlan cheat on the City Lord?" It wasn't a surprise that she hadn't thought of that possibility first, it was strange for a woman to do such a thing. Moreover, as someone who had been loyal and devoted to her husband, it was something unthinkable.

At length, she put the three people on a love triangle and said, "I can't say I found a fault on it, with a man like the City Lord, I would have preferred the handsome man too."

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