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   Chapter 14 I Got It!

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 5184

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Huan Meirong stopped before the boudoir and squatted down. She could see the place where the soil was floating but couldn't detect a thing besides that. In fact, that something was stuck between the wood planks had just been her assumption as it was the most rational answer she could formulate about such a strange scene; she hadn't perceived any kind of strange energy and if it was air, the soil wouldn't be motionless so she had long ago discarded those ideas.

Even so, once there, she deepened her soul sense around that spot to be sure of her assumptions.

'Huh?' she raised her brows and put her knees and both of her hands on the floor; then, she lowered her head to be closer to the place she was checking and furrowed her brow in thought, 'I haven't noticed this before but… there are specks of dust fixedly staying vertically right here and it is precisely above the floating cumulous of soil that is on the other side of the wood planks…' she tilted her head to a side and slowly took seat on the floor as she raised her back.

Before, when she was scanning the room, she had also made herself aware of the dust but it seems she didn't put it too much importance to it as she had overlooked such a weird thing. It wasn't something to be at fault though; cultivators didn't tend to see dust when they use their soul sense because when they learnt about their soul sense, they also learnt to make some omissions which included the normal energy in the environment and the simple composition of certain particles like specks of dust.


but they sounded far away. Even so, she hurried; such movement meant the servants must have woken up by now. She extended her soul sense to find a route back and swiftly go.

Even though she found one, it took her some time to reach her yard; she had to hide from time to time in the little green shrubs as the servants were walking here and there but their activity decreased as she came closer to her cottage.

She entered her room and took seat before the wooden table; she cleaned the dropped of sweat on her face with her sleeves and thought, 'Sigh, I really need to feed and train this body better, her condition is lacking.' She had felt her body heavy when she had sat.

'Anyway, that's for later. I can't wait to check those items…' and with that thought, she entered the marquis-shaped black stone. She wanted to inspect Yu Lanlan's case and the thing she had just found and there was no better place to do it that the space on the little black stone; there, she could see as she was seeing with her eyes, after all.

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