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   Chapter 13 What Could That Be

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 4752

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She increased her soul force to trespass the walls and boxes to look to its contents. But even though she spent her time surveying every millimetre of the chamber, she found nothing that fitted the keyhole that had a pretty five-petal flower shape carved in the box.

Her chiselled facial features denoted her upset mood; furrowed brows and a downward smirk. She was at the point of going mad, 'Even the secret compartments I have found in two of the walls have nothing. I have only found Yu Lanlan's clothes, ' she thought while passing her hands through some of the robes inside a wardrobe made of Floral Mahogany Wood; she was in a side-chamber that was connected to the main one were all her clothing was kept.

She stopped her action and made a thinking gesture, 'All are made of fine fabrics and thread. Hmmh... but where are the head ornaments and jewellery? There is none on these boxes.' She was in need of money; she needed to buy medicinal herbs to put on work her plans. Though she had various kinds of herbs, they weren't herbs she could refine at the moment or completely the ones she needed.

'Well, I could "borrow" some money from this family, ' she had that thought but in no time she shook it away. She had been an Empress in the past and a favoured young lady of a top-ranked family before that. She had never taken the belongings of someone without doing a proper transaction unless they were the de

ound the bed.

"Huh, empty air?" she thought aloud when she reached the ante-chamber.

'Stupid. Meirong, you didn't look below the floor, ' she tapped her forehead before tilting her head, 'but… do you think you will be able to find what you are looking for…'

'Erghh… Anyway, better to give it a try now that I'm here.'

She inspected it but she couldn't be more disappointed; there were only soil and some dry roots with little insects. She chuckled while grinding her white teeth and about to retract her soul, something caught her sight.

In the bedchamber, below a boudoir that was a few meters before the bed, there was an invisible-like flimsy card stuck between two wood planks. Her soul sense couldn't see it, but thanks to some soil that attached to some parts of its surface, she was able to notice it as it looked like some cumulous of floating earth.

'What could that be?' she wondered while returning to the bedchamber.

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