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   Chapter 12 Finally

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Being disturbed by what she heard, she turned around and widened her eyes in their direction with her arms crossed before her. She wasn't seeing anything as she had retrieved her soul force the moment she found out such a hot scene.

"Hmmgh, yess... My Lord, your Lanlan likes it... You are the be-st ngh... Lanlan loves you..."

Huan Meirong couldn't be more disgusted now. This was outrageous that she isolated herself from the room's noise and heated atmosphere.

Once the goosebumps she got faded, she pitied Si Xuli.

'Not even the costly drugs can make him love you, sigh...' after her split second of pity, she furrowed her brows and added to her thoughts, '… but this kind of "love" is better to not have it.' She shivered at the thought.

Because she now didn't want to leave without giving them a punishment for using this body's mother name in such a way, she decided to wait in the most far away corner from the bed of that chamber. Through the memories of this body, she knew the previous owner had lost her mother after she had been born, just like her in her past life; at least, the past host had a portrait of her mother but she… she didn't even know her mother's name as her father didn't like to talk about her.

As someone who loved her father

a matter of time for this father of mine to not be called a man anymore, ' she giggled before adding, 'but this peculiar smell will soon be evident to all. It's alright this good daughter will help you too, ' her smile was now from ear to ear but suddenly she became serious when she thought about something, 'Hmmh… two weeks ago that Doctor Tao met him, the smell isn't that strong yet but as good as I heard he is, he must have detected it. Zhi'er didn't tell me any news regarding some disruptive movement on the house so… the doctor didn't make a comment on it to father or… he isn't that good as the rumours said…' She pondered a bit but before long she put her doubts away. Whatever the reason might be, she didn't care as it didn't affect her.

With her choice made, she proceeded to scan the room; she didn't want to leave empty-handed.

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