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   Chapter 11 What!

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 4671

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WARNING. This chapter has +18 content, read at your own discretion


'Strange, why is there a thigh guard outside the courtyard of this body's mother?' Huan Meirong pondered while surveying the area; there was even a Martial Noble cultivator, which was the level below Martial King, lurking in the shadows. Even so, she was able to slip in.

Her lightweight steps landed on the courtyard's backyard and curiously, there were no guards inside.

The layout was elegant. Its only decorations were the surrounding greenery and blue orchids that only bloom in winter; the flower her mother loved the most. The fragrance of this flowers wasn't sweet like the roses on Si Xuli's yard but fresh, it was very pleasant.

The materials the structure was made of weren't much but they were pretty rare; the walls were of Blue Sea Wood and the roof tiles of Pink Cloud Jade.

She widened her eyes in amazement, in the Huang Dynasty she had only seen a Pavilion made of Blue Sea Wood and it was part of the Ancient Dragon Palace; a Palace where the Old Emperor resided.

'If there were guards inside, I would think they are posted here due to this lavishness, ' she tilted her head before shook it.

She stopped looking at the courtyard outside arrangement and went to the inner chambers. Her soul sense went ahead of her and scanned the outer chambers; all were empty, there was anything

at what her ears heard, "My lord, ye-s, that way… ri-ight there… mmhg…" It was the charming voice of a woman.

The woman didn't get an answer and only deep breaths and the increasing creaking sound of the bed accompanied her moans.

Huan Meirong couldn't help but blush, she admitted she had experience but she had never seen or hear a couple doing it right before her. Moreover, the woman was so effusive.

She gave up on the thought of looking around this place with her soul sense. She stepped back and was about to go out of the chamber when the man finally replied to the woman affectionate calls amid his accelerated breath, "Lanla-aan… ohh, my beautiful Laanlan… like this… you want more…"

'Uggh? What! Are you kidding, right?' Huan Meirong asked in her mind; that wasn't her mother alright. She had recognised the disgusting voice of that Si Xuli and the man was obviously the City Lord, the father of this body.

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