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   Chapter 10 Yu Lanlan

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 5220

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Huan Meirong went towards the north inner courtyards; that was where the concubines were.

Even though Si Xuli was the new wife of the City Lord, he didn't move her to the inner courtyard of her mother in the west wing, which was the nearest to his own courtyard.

She didn't need to spread her soul force to know which one was Si Xuli's; she had been there once and she remembered well the fragrance of the White Jade Roses that bloom throughout the four seasons. If it weren't because of the need to bypass the night-watchmen, she wouldn't have had to use her soul force and would have just needed to follow the increasing fragrant aroma.

When she entered her courtyard and inspected her inner chambers, she discovered that aside from some maids that were sleeping outside her main chamber, there was no one inside, 'Huh? What's the point of burning incense to sleep, if you aren't going to be in? Moreover, why even do that, if you already have the roses' fragrance, what a taste!' she shook her head to this woman extravagance, she didn't go back when she didn't find her being here but go directly to her main chamber which was the realising point the pricy incense.

Because she wasn't there, Huan Meirong thought that what she did to Huan Meiqi's was far from what this woman deserved. Therefore, she began to look all over the place with her soul force. She didn't believe that a concubine who rose to second wife could have her hands clean.

After five minutes of surveying, she spotted a wooden trunk in the receiving room of this chamber; it wa

med down, it had been one of the cases but this had many complicated patterns and she couldn't inspect the inside.

She took it in her hands and watched carefully the surface, she gave a second try and found the source of the rebound power; it actually came from a pattern that formed some words –Yu Lanlan. She involuntarily opened wide her eyes, this was the name of the birth mother of this body.

She wanted to open this little box immediately but all was futile, it could only be opened by a unique key. She inspected well the wooden trunk but found anything. She took her mother's case in her qiankun bag and then left the wooden trunk as it was before. She gave another glimpse to Si Xuli courtyard but there was no key, it made sense, if the key wasn't in her secret place, it will be impossible for her to put it in another place.

She thought of two possibilities: one, Si Xuli kept it with her or two, she didn't have it. Not long after, her mother's courtyard came to her mind and she decided to go there and try her luck.

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