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   Chapter 9 First Action

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Before Zhi'er arrived, Huan Meirong walked to her backyard; just now she had seen that there were some useful wild plants there. She picked up some linear-shaped green leaves from a plant with little yellow flowers and kept them in her golden qiankun bag. After two weeks of cultivation, she had already been able to bind it; thus, for convenience, she had decided to store her things in the qiankun bag instead of the space ring.

When Zhi'er entered, he saw his master seated in the little table. He calmed down and smiled at her, saying cheerfully, "Eldest miss, I went to get the ten silver coins. Zhi'er doesn't know why but the elder gave ten extra silvers coins. Eldest miss' maternal family business must be going well. Zhi'er had bought some delicious pastries but Zhi'er was careless and dropped them. Zhi'er was also late and made the eldest miss wait. Zhi'er asks the eldest miss for punishment." He put a little sac with the coins on the table before kneeling and kowtowing.

Her heart soured, she had a soft spot for little kids and she didn't know what to say for some time. She hardened her heart and feigned ignorance, "If Meirong comes to punish you; it wouldn't be for some pastries and being late but for worrying me. Your master will think of your punishment later. Alright, get up and first take a bath. Today was windy and Zhi'er must have been covered by dust."

"Mmh, " Zhi'er eyes misted and just nodded. Then he went to bath per her orders.

"Agh, " he groaned lowly when he touched the water.

"Is there something wrong?" She asked.

He pressed her lips and swallowed his pain, "The water is just a bit cold."


at the disparity in treatment.

At length, she reached her bedside and regarded her beautiful countenance, Huan Meiqi looked harmless like this; she had a gentle beauty but a poisonous heart, she couldn't even spare a little child.

She thought for a moment and pressed some acupuncture points with her soul force in the right side of Huan Meiqi's body; principally on the part of her abdomen. After she was done, she left while laughing in her heart, 'I don't have the right herbs or needles to make you suffer more, but this will be enough. Though I′m already big for this child play, who let you bully the only person that is loyal to me in this lifetime. Hmph! I want to see how gentle you will look tomorrow morning.'

She stopped at Huan Meiqi's backyard to enjoy the cold wind for a moment before deciding, 'It will be a waste to just do this. As the mother, that Si Xuli also needs to share her kid's suffering. Moreover, it wasn't only a child play what she did to this body's mother.'

Pleased with her choice, she nodded and then with swift steps she jumped out from the backyard.

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