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   Chapter 8 Broken Idly Days

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 6657

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The following day, Huan Meirong woke up at noon. The first thing she did was to tell Zhi'er not to come to disturb her. She then took out the immortal cultivation technique that had been launched at her, she was already familiar with martial cultivation and wasn't in a rush.

She spread her soul force and directed it to the book. High-level cultivation books were written using special materials and top cultivators tended to use their energy our soul force to write their techniques down. Either way, she won't have a problem to read its contents with her soul force.

The book was supposed to be old but the materials weren't worn out; she didn't recognize with what the book cover was made of but she could see through her soul a lively seven-coloured metallic glitter in it, it was beautiful. There was no other material mixed on the cover, it didn't have a word written on it. She opened the book and gave a swift flip to the pages; with her touch, she noticed they were as thin as a cicada wing, it would have been difficult to flip them if it weren't for her soul force.

The page's material was unknown to her as well as the fancy black ink it had on it. It was so dark and cold that gave her goosebumps.

When she shook it off such a feeling, she went back to read the introductory part, she discovered that this immortal cultivation technique had its own singularity and was pretty difficult to cultivate; the reason being that it needed the aid of soul force and the person having a high degree of comprehension, the stronger your soul force and control were, the easier and faster it would be to advance. And it could also help to strengthen the soul, thus she didn't think twice and began to flip the pages to put it in practice later.

She finished the first part that talked about how to absorb and circulate spirit energy just before the afternoon meal. She ate porridge once again with Zhi'er and then started practising the immortal cultivation technique until late a

little kid at the west outer yards. She hadn't used her soul force to survey the surroundings before, thus she didn't know how the body frame of Zhi'er was. But that little kid was being whipped by a young girl; with furrowed brows, she fixed her soul force on that place and deepened her sense to be able to hear what was going on.

"…irty thing, you dare to walk where this lady walks, you really know how to foul my mood."

She recognised the voice, it was Huan Meiqi's; therefore, she was even more certain that the little kid was Zhi'er.

Huan Meiqi lashed her whip a few more times with increased strength. She hadn't got any response from this kid, not even a groan; but it was the same, no sound came out from his mouth. She got angrier and was about to make use of her inner energy but her eyes saw some pastries beside the little kid. She lashed at them and said with scorn, "A blind master with a dumb servant, such a fitting pair. Let's go!"

"Is that so?" Huan Meirong opened her blind eyes and coldly smirked to Huan Meiqi's retiring back.

She retrieved her soul force when Zhi'er proper himself up to walk back to her courtyard. She could have interfered but she didn't do it for different reasons. Even high and mighty cultivators suffer and fall, don't even mention a little servant in a big house.

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