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   Chapter 7 A Cold Glance

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Huan Meirong paused in the third floor and went straight to the first bookcase at her right, the one that had a black flame pattern above. She read the introduction of the divisions that had books in them and placed her hand over the restriction of one in the first file to the left, third line. She left her hand there a few seconds before retiring it and quickly dodging to a side. The book got launched out, she picked it up; it was a fire attribute, Martial Saint level cultivation technique.

Then, she went to the last bookcase on the right side, this had a beautiful black flower pattern above. There were only five divisions with a book inside, she saw the descriptions and heaved a sigh; there was only one martial cultivation technique of the wood attribute but it was a Martial Grand Master level one, so she didn't take it. In the past she had cultivated with Martial Emperor level techniques, hence, she will practice her wood attribute martial cultivation technique instead.

She walked out from the pagoda and took a rest in the beautiful pavilion in the middle of the lake. She fell asleep without noticing it and woke up a few hours later, she thought, 'Ummh… This Emp… Errh… it will take a while before I get used to this. Hmmh, how do I go out from this place?' She scratched her head and said, "Let's try feeling that little black stone and see if I get out." She managed her soul force and scanned her soul, she didn't know if that will work, she was supposed to be inside that black stone, after all.

"Agh! The sixth time!" It worked; she didn't get it how but it seemed to work out. The bad thing was that she was thrown out from that place, she will need to figure out how to land the next time.

"Eldest miss, eldest miss, what happened? Is eldest miss alright?" The worried voice of Zhi'er reached her ears. The little kid wanted to check, but he hasn't been called over and didn't dare to cross pass the division screen.

"I'm alright. I just fall from the bed." She sighed and proper herself up.

She went out from the division screen while shaking her head. She didn't hear a word after some time and asked, "What is it?"

She couldn't see Zhi'er but when she said she fell from the bed, the little boy got scared. His little and tender face wa

ing and learnt how to please him to gain his doting. Therefore, she got well versed in dancing, zither and cooking. Love is truly blind; she fell completely into his hands.

Her graceful dancing changed after some tens of minutes, turning strong and resolute with the dignity of someone who was high above all. Her wide sleeves made flapping sounds becoming the melody of her dance while her inky and loose black hair moved at her will, like flowing water, floating around her body, making such look picturesque.

At some point in her dance, she felt a chill and tripped her steps and she fell to the ground; she unconsciously opened her blind eyes wanting to see; she shook her head at the presented darkness before standing up.

She didn't close her eyes and made a surveying motion as if trying to find out something.

At length, she tilted her head to a side before turning around and walking back to her little cottage.

She furrowed her brows after closing the cottage's door; she had felt a cold glance on her. It had come from the forest behind the City Lord's House wall. She was pretty sensitive when it comes to someone having their eyes set on her; she had been the centre of attention in the past, so she didn't need to use soul force to take notice of it.

After giving circles in her head, she dismissed her thoughts and went to bed. She didn't have anything of value and her current looks were awful, so nothing bad could possibly happen. And with her heart being at easy now, she fell asleep.

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