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   Chapter 6 Sad Reality

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This time, as she walked up, a force pressured her down. She furrowed her brows in wonder; after thinking for a split second, she encompassed herself with her soul force and continued to climb the steps.

In the fourth layer, there were only four one-meter high white pedestals to her right. A black pill furnace was on each of them.

She walked to the first pedestal; when she got before it, she saw a rectangular palm-sized white jade lying beside the black pill furnace.

"What could this be?" She asked herself with an anticipating smile while extending her right hand to pick up the white jade. She knew this kind of thin and rectangular-shaped white jade; it was a White Jade Card, a type of card used to record information. Therefore, she was really curious, though the card didn't seem to be of high grade as it had something like black dust on it; this meant it couldn't possibly have much information recorded in it.

"Ugh…" Just as she was about to channel her energy to read its contents, she was hit by reality and her excitement dissipated, "Right, this body doesn't have a shard of martial energy." She won't be able to read its contents in the main time.

She bit her lower lip and placed the card back in its place, she wasn't worried about it running away. She didn't go where the other pill furnaces were but towards the stairs instead; her mood had been spoiled, after all.

And that didn't end there, her humour became worse. Aside from the fact that she felt another force pushing her down and that she had to circulate her soul force yet ag

m should have a preserving function too, " she added.

She didn't think about it after deciding to test her assumption on the inscriptions later and gave all her focus to survey the herbs; there were 96 medical herbs and she only could recognise 23 of them.

She was really happy now but her heart was depressed, there was a sad reality she couldn't change right away; she couldn't use them at the moment, she was weaker than a non-cultivator.

*Sigh* She sighed, dejected.

Her feet dragged her to go up; she couldn't keep her attention away from the many invaluable plants until she felt a force blocking her. She prepared herself to resist it but without previous advice, that force increased several times and she got pushed down.


"Aaaghh…" She fell onto the floor.

"Urghh… this is the fourth time, " she berated and let herself rest on the floor; she didn't feel like moving.

After a while, she tried it again but the result was the same and not wanting to be hurt a sixth time, she gave up and decided to go down.

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