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   Chapter 5 Testing Cultivation Talent

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The third floor had several white bookcases; they were just two meter high. There were five to her right and another five to the left, two were next to the stairs and two in the wall opposite her; each of them had a black pattern imprinted on the wall above them.

In the middle of this layer, there were three crystal spheres, each was over a circular white jade table and they formed a triangle like they were placed.

She didn't go to them but towards a rectangular white jade table in the middle of the two bookcases in the wall opposite her; there was a note above it. She passed the three spheres and reached the note to read –Those who had the luck to be an owner, you can take any technique here if you had the ability, just touch the restriction. If you want to return some gratitude to this place, put any skill or cultivation technique in the table below. The pagoda will place them in the right place.

"Hmmh, I have none right now." She furrowed her brows and walked to the left bookcase beside the table. There was just an old book in one of the divisions; she read the word engraved below it –Immortal cultivation technique, level: decided by your fate, attributeless.

She tried to take it but as the note said, it was blocked by a restriction, just as she was about to retreat her hand, the book was launched to her head, *thud*

"Aagh! This damn place with its damn things. I had been hurt three times already." She picked up the book and without looking to his contents, she threw it to her newly gained golden space ring as she walked furiously towards the note, and write with a brush that was on the table –Note: Remember to be careful, her warning wasn't explicit.

After humping a few times, she went to the crystal spheres. She was familiar with them, they were meant to test the cultivation talent and even though they were spheres and look similar, they weren't.

She looked carefully at their surfaces; they were carved differently from each other. She first chose the one that was opposite to the middle door beside the stairs; this had a smooth surface and was the one who tested your martial cultivation talent. She placed her hand and prayed in her heart, 'Please, may my attrib

utes be the same, ' she was nervously repeating these words as she waited.

"Yes, yes…" she put down her heart at the sight of the red and green light, they were the colours that indicated the attributes needed to be an Alchemist. She was so happy that she forgot to saw the grey line attached to the table that measured the level of the talent; it was black and no luminous white.

She then went to the one to the left, the one that measured the soul force; it has a zinnia cut surface. Only those with the correct attributes and element affinity to be an Alchemist or a Blacksmith tested their souls. It was strange that one without them tested it because without them, they will tend to no light this sphere.

The soul sphere needs you to feel your soul as you place your hand on it. In the past, she had a bronze soul and at most, she could have been a five-ringed Alchemist unless she could find a treasure or a struck of luck. But that was the past, she had died and awakened in this body; her soul force had increased and had that marquis-shaped black stone attached into it, hence, she thought something could have changed.

She didn't wait much to have her answer and this flabbergasted her, "I have never heard or seen such a thing before. How can it be multi-coloured? A colourful soul, what's this? The most I had heard was of a genius with a golden soul that could attempt to be a Named Alchemist but this is what?" She got confused and scared that she hastily retrieved her hand.

She forced herself to calm down as she thought, 'Well, I can use soul force. So, there won't be any problem, ' and she shrugged her shoulders while going to the last sphere.

At first, she wasn't going to test her talent in immortal cultivation; in her past life she had tested it and she hadn't had that talent. But the book that hit her before was for immortal cultivation, thus she supposed that she could cultivate spirit energy this time.

This sphere tested element affinity but given the fact that she had the fire and wood attributes, she was sure that her elemental affinity was going to be the same. Therefore, she only took a glimpse to its split brilliant surface before going to the stairs to go up.

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