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   Chapter 4 Nine-Layered Pagoda

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 4342

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Huan Meirong stared at her own reflection for some time before redirecting her attention to the pagoda. It was wide and big, the walls were made of white jade with black patterns, and each layer had a beautiful roof made of some kind of black stone.

She approached and pushed open a five-meter-high black wooden door. The space inside was huge; it had a hundred meters in diameter and was twenty meters high.

The first thing she saw was a circular white jade table in the middle, where it was supposed to be a main pillar; there were ten cushions around the table, they were white and made contrast with the black wooden floor.

She looked around and discovered that there were five black doors to her right and another five to her left; at the back to the left side, there was a stair that led to the next floor and beside it, in the middle, there was a black door and another one next to it to the right.

She walked to the first door to her right and opened it. When she saw the inside, she said open-mouthed, "There is hot springs inside, it takes over half of this room that is as big as the main hall." She grinned before walking back, she tried to open the following doors but she couldn't until she reached the right door in the back; it was a dining room with a kitchen.

The following door in the middle was a resting room and she almost jumped from happiness, "This chamber is bigger and more luxurious than the one I used to have as an Empress, the bed is so big and soft." She was excited but she was even more curious, thus she went to open the doors on the left side of the room, but none opened. She shook her head and walked back straight to the stairs.

She entered the second layer, it was as wide as the main hall but there were no doors; there were only three little hills of treasures, two of which had a note stuck to the wall behind them. She went to the nearest one at her left and read the note –Wei Ting, third owner. If someone is reading this, it means that I have died and that this place has a new owner. To whoever reads this, I had a request. If you can find Xun Yao and Wei Xiao from Wei County and talk of my decease, I wi

ll be eternally grateful.

"Wei County? I had never heard of it" She tilted her head before shaken it; then, she gave a glimpse to the treasures, there were thousands of spiritual stones of different quality, "So, he was an immortal cultivator. Tsk, I won't have to much use for this things then, " she said to herself.

Just as she was going to the next one she caught a glimpse of a fist-sized golden qiankun bag, "I guess he wasn't that powerful if he had qiankun bags, though this is of the highest grade with ten cubic meters of space." She shrugged her shoulders and kept the qiankun bag inside her white sash before walking to the next little hill.

She stopped and read –Xie Yan, second owner. I'm going to die and these are already useless to me, do as you please.

"So straightforward, but these things are also useless to me." He was also an immortal cultivator like the previous one and she had no use for this things; moreover, she is weak and had no backing, what she needed right now was some gold and silver and no spiritual stones. Still, she picked up a five-meter-long white fabric before going to the last hill, the one that it didn't have a note.

She shook her head while moving the things. At length, she let herself fell to the floor and she sat disappointed.



Her action made the pile of things fall and many of them ended hitting her, "Auch! Damn things."

She stood up and angrily piled them up again, making her all happy as she picked up a purple space ring, "Tsk, it seems that the first owner was something. It is a high-grade space ring with ten thousand cubic meters of space. In the past, I only had a middle grade one." She being that happy was not a surprise, as weak as she was, she can't possibly bind the qiankun bag she found earlier because it needs to be bound with energy, but a space ring can be bound with a drop of blood. She quickly bound it; it was an empty ring, she nodded and threw inside the white fabric and the golden qiankun bag before keeping it in her sash.

There was nothing more here for her to watch, thus she walked back to the stairs, and went up to the third floor.

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