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   Chapter 2 Early in the Morning

Blind Empress Rebirth By Lina Bell Characters: 5626

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The sun was rising from East, and a thirteen-year-old girl was already running through the yellowish grass towards the North part of the City Lord's House with a joyful smile while an old man and a maidservant followed behind.

Her footsteps slowed down at the sight of a little wooden cottage, she smoothed her breath, dispersed her smile and said with worry as she went through the courtyard entrance.

"Eldest sister, eldest sister, are you okay? Doctor Tao has come. We are coming in." She wasn't polite at all; she didn't wait for an answer and beckoned her maidservant to open the cottage door. She gave a brief glimpse to the inside before continuing, "Daddy couldn't get a doctor yesterday night, and he has been worried all night that the first thing he made after waking up was to call Doctor Tao. You must be grateful to daddy; Doctor Tao is the best doctor in Huan City."

The young woman on the bed frowned when she heard the noise. She was about to berate but felt the little body in her arms and remembered, this wasn't her body!

She wasn't an Empress anymore!

In her reminiscence, the little body jumped out from the bed, as she heard his soft murmur as he tidied up the blanket over her body, "How can that be called worried?"

'A smart kid, I see, ' she thought while hearing the approaching footsteps.

The thirteen-year-old girl had just crossed the division screen when she turned back and said apologetically, "Doctor Tao, my eldest sister caught a cold and may still be asleep..."

She hadn't finished her words when a weak voice reached their ears, "Third little sister, Meirong didn't know that not only Lord father was worried. My dear little sister has even personally brought Doctor Tao, walking such a long distance because you were so worried, it is better to let Doctor Tao check you after me. If you get sick at night due to anxiousness, you may need to wait until tomorrow morning and that wouldn't be good." She had said so much that as she went on the voice grew weaker. She hated to waste her breath but with this girl, she didn't mind at all.

From the previous host memories, she recognised this voice, it belonged to the third miss of the City Lord's House, Huan Meiqi; she was the daughter of the most beloved concubine of her newly gained father. Si Xuli, that concubine had a crafty mind with a pretty good backing and was able to become the second wife after her mother demise. And like her mother with that Si Xuli, the previous host had eaten too many loses to the well-versed mouth of this third little sister.

The third miss heard all that and she didn't know where to pick to find a fault. Moreover, even though her eldest sister's words were grateful and caring, but if one were to think deeper, they were filled with thorns but this sister

of her was simple-minded and easy to bully; those words can't mean other things. She shook her head and just about to say something, she heard Huan Meirong weak voice, "Third little sister, Meirong can't get out from the bed. Please, let enter Doctor Tao. I'm ashamed but Meirong doesn't want to delay Doctor Tao's business."

Doctor Tao was quietly hearing from a side and looking around to the little cottage while frowning, he was in a hurry indeed but since he heard the weak voice his heart calmed a bit, and said as he approached, "The eldest miss mustn't be ashamed, every patient is like this."

Huan Meirong didn't say anything else and let Zhi'er take out her arm and reveal her milky wrist, waiting for Doctor Tao to reach her bedside.

Doctor Tao saw the young woman on the bed and couldn't help but frown once again, the bed hadn't a veil. Even though he was an old doctor, this wasn't that appropriate. Still, he quickly reached to check her pulse; he would think about those things later, what mattered now was the health of the little girl in front of him.

The third miss wanted to say something but watching at the frown and impatience of Doctor Tao, she didn't open her mouth. Doctor Tao wasn't someone she could offend, he was a doctor attached to the Imperial Treasure Hall, after all. In fact, she didn't know how her daddy did to please him. A glimmer of light crossed her eyes and gave three steps back, but after thinking once again she slightly shook her head and stood in place.

After five minutes, Doctor Tao finally said, "Her body is still weak but the fever has already passed. Her body just needs to be nursed back to health with proper meals, " he emphasized the last two words.

"Eldest miss may excuse me. I will give the recipe to the City Lord."

"Meirong thanks, Doctor Tao. My third little sister will lead the way."

The third miss wanted to stay a bit more. As smart as she was, she quickly got the doctor's meaning in his emphasized words. She was displeased because of this and wanted to play a bit here. But it will be disrespectful of her if she didn't accompany him to see the City Lord. Therefore, she bid her farewell after saying some caring words to her eldest sister.

Huan Meirong sighed and said, "Zhi'er, I will sleep a bit more. Do what you usually do and don't wake me up. Don't dare to cross the division screen until I call you."

"If the breakfast is sent, Zhi'er still can wake up eldest miss. The doctor said eldest miss must eat well."

"Even if it is sent you don't wake me up. You eat what is sent, though it still won't be much." She covered herself with the blanket and said no more.

Zhi'er acknowledged the order. He first cleaned up the floor around the bed and then went to the other side of the division screen.

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