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   Chapter 29 The final search

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Updated: 2018-08-26 21:06

Another month has passed by so quickly and yet there was no trace of Aya. Charles felt his heart was totally in despair. It's already six months that Aya have not yet found. Six lonely months that he longed to see and touch her.

Aya, where are you? I've search every where for you. I miss you so much. He said to himself facing the window pace of his office.

Suddenly, he heard someone knocking on the door.

" Come in!" He said loudly. He even didn't bother glanced at the door.

Walter pushed open the door and entered his office. He looked at him casually.

" Sir, one of the secret agent you hired is here and wanted to speak to you in private." Walter said to him.

"Let him in!" Charles commanded.

Upon hearing his answer, Walter walked towards the door and opened it. A man dressed in a plane white polo shirt with black pants came in. He's chubby, bald and short.

"Good day to you, Sir!" The man greeted him.

Charles looked at the man in anticipation. He sat down on his swivel chair.

"Have a seat please!" He said to the man.

Walter went out of the room when the man came in without asking permission to Charles.

"Boss, I have a good news!" The man said eagerly with a smile on his face.

Hearing the man's exaggerated way of talking, Charles attentively looked at him and waited for him to talk about the good news.

" Have you found her?" Charles asked earnestly.

"Yes, Boss!" The man answered quickly.

" Are you 100% sure?" Charles glared at the man.

"Yes, Boss! I followed her brother Brian a while ago and as I suspected, he knows where Miss Aya was." He answered. He gave the photos he had taken as a proof of evidence to him

Charles was conf

aming. He really found Aya. His heart raised with joy. She is right here infront of him.

"Aya!" He shouted out loud.

Aya turned around to look where the voice came from. The man's voice was too familiar into her ears. She was speechless when she saw a familiar face of a man.

Shock and excitement was felt by Aya when he saw the man she loved and loved deeply. They embraced one another.

"Aya! My Queen! My only love!" Charles said to her while he held her in his arms.

" Charles! I can't believe it! You're here! You're finally here!" She said as she embraced the man she loved and missed for so long.

"I found you at last!" Charles whispered into her ears.

Aya confessed her love for him at the moment they had gathered their emotions fully.

"I love you Charles! I have always loved you!" Aya said and tears fell down to her cheeks. The happiness that she had felt was too overwhelming. Her heart was overjoyed.

Charles was fully satisfied when their lips shared an intense kiss and he said to her in a sensational voice on her ears: " I'll even cross eternity just to find you because I love you so much. "

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