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   Chapter 28 A surprise visit

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9325

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With Vladimir's help, Aya was able to sneak into Charles room. Vladimir remained outside the room while Aya went inside. She walked towards the bed where Charles was sleeping soundly. Carefully, She touched Charles face tenderly and lovingly. She stared at him passionately.

Charles, I miss you so much. She whispered into his ears.

She took a good look at him in his sleep.

He is so handsome. How I wish we could be together again? When will you be able to find me. I love you! She said to herself while she was standing near his bed.

Carefully, Aya took his right hand and rubbed it on her cheek. Then Vladimir came close to her.

"Let's go, Aya!" He whispered into her ears.

Aya glanced at Vladimir with a sad look on her face. Vladimir felt pity for her.

" Just a little bit longer, brother. Please?" She pleaded him.

Vladimir nodded and patted her right shoulder giving her his approval and as if he was saying to her that she could take her time a little bit longer. He went back outside again, leaving Aya with Charles. Aya gazed back at Charles again.

Approximately after three minutes, Aya gave Charles a tender kiss on his lips before she left him again. Aya walked out of the room silently. Vladimir took her hand and they sneaked out of the Mansion. No one had noticed them at all.

Aya and Vladimir got out of Charles place safely. Aya took off her mask when she got inside the car. Vladimir got inside the car and drove back to Aya's cottage with her. Aya leaned on to Vladimir.

"Are you okay?" Vladimir asked and looked at her with affection.

"Yes, brother! Thank you for your help! I feel much better now. I am forever in debt to you, brother. " She said and gave him a sweet smile.

" Don't mention it. I'll do anything for you, Aya." He said and gave her a tender kiss on her forehead. " I'll always be here for you, Aya!"

When they arrived at the cottage, Aya got off first from the car.

" Would you like to stay for the night, brother?" Aya asked, looking at him.

Vladimir thought for a second before answering her.

" Would it be okay if I stay here with you?" He asked instead.

Aya nodded and gave him a sweet smile." Yes, brother!"

Aya walked towards the door followed by Vladimir. She opened the door and went inside the room.

" Please come in, brother!" She said glancing at him.

Vladimir hesitated to go inside for a moment but when he saw Aya's gesture, he decided to go in. Aya closed the door again.

"Would you like to have something to eat or drink brother?" She asked when they were inside the room.

" I think I'll just have a cup of coffee please." He answered.

Aya went to the kitchen and made a coffee for the two of them. She also sliced a cake and put it on a small plate. Vladimir sat

sen his grip from Aya and went near Xia with a teasing smile on his face. He hugged her tenderly.

"Jealous fiancè!" He said to her.

They all laughed when they saw Brian being punished by his fiancè. Xia crossed her arms and pretended not to notice Brian.

" Oh, come on, sweetheart! I was just teasing you!" Brian explained himself to Xia.

Xia turned away from Brian pretending to be mad and winked at Aya.

Aya smiled and laughed because she had figured out that Xia was being naughty and was making fun of her fiancè. Xia was just pretending to be mad at Brian.

Brian pinched her chin to face him and gave her a passionate kiss. Xia felt weak when Brian kissed him and blushed afterwards.

Everyone clapped their hands when they saw them kissing!

" Sorry!" Brian whispered into Xia's ears.

" Forgiven!" She exclaimed.

Theo felt teasing them more." If the two of you came for doing lovely dovey, i should have brought Elsa with me too." He said looking at them.

" Well, it's your lose that you don't have your Elsa with you! I'm lucky I have Xia here. Being with her, makes me happy." Brian said proudly, gazing at his brother and then kissed his fiancè once again without inhibition.

" I may not have Elsa but I have my little sister here!" He said grabbing Aya into his arms.

Brian felt jealous again towards his brother and gave him a warning look on his face.

" Brother!" He said roughly.

William who was laughing took Aya in his arms, Theo gave way for their father.

" I'm happy because finally we have Aya with us right now!" Their father looked at Aya with so much affection.

All of them agreed on what their father said.

Not far from them, someone followed them. It was one of the secret agent that Charles hired to look for Aya. The man smiled victoriously while he was taking pictures of them.

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