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   Chapter 27 Sneaking into Charles room

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Three months have passed, everything was more complicated. Charles became hot tempered in his office. Everyone looked at him with fear in their eyes. Rumours spreading that he was looking for his fiancè. They pitied him at the same time.

In Charles office, Charles tried to call Mike if he had news about Aya.

"Hi, there! Do you have any news about Aya?" Charles said straightforward to Mike.

Mike knew what was happening to Charles because of the rumours spreading in the business circle. He fully understood why he became indifferent lately to his subordinates. It's all because of Aya. He felt pity for the man.

"Sorry but even my powers are not enough to locate her whereabouts?" Mike said to him honestly.

"I see!" Charles said in dismay.

"How are you doing?" Mike asked with concern for him.

" I'm still breathing so I guess I am fine." Charles said sarcastically.

" Don't worry! I know for sure that Aya will come back." Mike was trying to console him.

Charles sighed and said :"I hope so!"

Hearing Charles sad voice, Mike couldn't help but look at Aya's picture in his desk.

"Don't lose hope! If you really love her, be patient and search for her no matter what!" Mike encouraged him.

"Thanks!" Charles answered.

"I know how you feel because I feel the same way." Mike said with his shoulders lying down feeling down.

"I miss her so much!" Charles confided. His heart was aching deep inside. Not having other thoughts aside from Aya made him so weak.

"I miss her a friend that is." Mike corrected his words to avoid misunderstanding. "My informant told me that someone saw Aya on a coffee shop with Xia." He added.

"I already talked to her before. It has been three months now that I have not yet seen Aya nor heard from her." Charles said clenching his fists in frustration.

"I see!" Mike remarked.

Looking at the ceiling while seated on his chair, Charles began to be more frustrated and scared that Aya might not come back and he'll never see her again. Xia was their last hope to find Aya but....

"She doesn't know anything about Aya's whereabouts too." Charles said feeling down.

"We'll sure find a way to look for her. Stay strong! Believe in your love for her!" Mike tried to encourage him more and more to give him hope.

Meanwhile, Aya was watching a drama series on TV when the telephone rang. She stood up and reached for the phone.

"Aya!" It's Theo's voice on the other line.

She was surprised to hear her brother's voice again. Tears rushed down to her cheeks. Her eyes were wet with tears.

"Brother, I miss you!" Aya said while sobbing.

"Aya, we

sing a rope with an arrow made up of iron steel with a web like clamp on it. Safely, Aya and Vladimir got inside the mansion without being noticed by anyone.

When they reached Charles room, a maid was about to go inside Charles room. The maid was none other than Marga.

"I can handle this brother. "She said confidently.

"No, don't. I have other plan." Vladimir stopped her from what she intended to do.

Vladimir took a small stone from a vase where they were hiding from. He used the stone to hit the glass window causing Marga to lean on the window that got suddenly broke. Marga put down the glass of water near a table. Aya was fascinated when Vladimir ran fast towards the table and put a sleeping pills on it. After dissolving the pills using hand, Vladimir got away quickly.

Marga was still distracted with the window that she was looking at just right now. Vladimir went back to Aya's side quickly.

"What did you put in the glass, brother?" Aya asked curiously.

"Sleeping pills. That will do the trick." He said with a smile on his face.

Marga took the glass and went inside Charles room.

After one minute, Marga came out of the room without the glass on her hand. Vladimir took a piece of hairpin to unlock the door. Aya was carefully observing his actions. The door was unlock after one minute.

" Aya, come on!" He said in a low tone of voice.

Carefully, Aya and Vladimir got inside the room. The room was dark. The only light was coming from the lampshade near Charles bed. Charles was sleeping soundly on his bed.

" I'll stay outside for a while so that you'll have your privacy." He whispered into her ears.

Aya nodded and smiled with relief. Finally, she is here with the man she love and missed for so long.

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