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   Chapter 26 Find me

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 7578

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Through land and seas, Charles went searching for Aya. He didn't bother any minute or a day not thinking of her. It has been almost a month that he kept searching for her.

One of the detective informed him that Aya was last seen at a coffee shop near the police station where Trixie was being kept as prisoner. The last person she had talked to was Xia Madrigal, a masteral degree student at University of Collinberg.

Upon hearing the information given to him, Charles dashed towards the University where Xia studied and teach.

"I'll go see and talk to that Xia girl." He said with determination. He had a picture of Xia because the detective knew that there is a possibility that Charles would like to meet the girl. He drove his car as fast as he could.

In the University, Xia was busy checking on some papers of the students. Charles arrived in no time. He asked every student he met if where could he find the faculty office.

"Excuse me, where is the faculty office here please?" Charles asked eagerly to a student sitting infront of the University entrance door.

"Just go straight ahead then turn left, Sir." The student said as he gazed at him. Charles walked towards the direction that was given to him by the student.

Not long after, Charles found the faculty office and knocked on the door. It so happened that Xia was the only person in the room. Xia stood up and opened the door.

"Hi there!" Charles greeted her with a gentle smile on his face.

"Oh, hello! Are you looking for someone, Sir?" Xia asked politely.

"Yes! Are you Miss Xia Madrigal?" He asked seriously.

Xia nodded and looked at him curiously.

"I'm Charles Hokkins. Can I speak with you please?" He said with a pleading look on his face.

Hearing his name, Xia knew what he came for. It was understandable because Aya was still not in contact with this man after she ran away from him. She was a bit nervous seeing the gorgeous looking man infront of her. She tried to hide her feeling as much as possible.

"Sure! Please come in! "She said and let him entered the room. "Please have a seat."

Charles sat down on one of the chairs infront of her desk. Xia sat down on her chair facing him.

"What can I do for you, Sir?" She asked formally.


t the stars in the sky. Her face was sad. She missed everyone especially Charles.

"Oh, Charles! I miss you!" She said sadly. She sighed heavily.

In her vision, she saw Charles from the stars above.

"Our memories together are the only thing I have. Please forgive me. Find me, Charles, as soon as possible! My heart longed for your love. Charles, I love you so much!" She said feeling so lonely.

Suddenly the telephone rang, she went back inside the room and answered the call.

" Aya, how are you today?" It was Xia.

" Well, I'm fine I guess." She said in a low tone of voice.

" You missed him, don't you?" Xia said with concern for her.

Aya kept silent for a while. " I do!" She said after.

" By the way, he came to me in the University today. He was asking about you." Xia said informing her what's happening to her surroundings.

The word he that Xia was referring to was Charles.

" Did you tell him what you know?" Aya asked attentively.

" Nope! I feel bad for him though. I felt his pain and longing for you when we were talking about you. When are you coming back?" Xia said honestly what she felt.

" I don't know yet!" She said glancing at her side.

" I hope you come back soon!" Xia said tenderly. " I have to go. I have some other matters to do. Call me if you think you're ready. Bye.!"

Aya put down the telephone lifeless and went to her bed. She laid down and her thoughts were conquered by Charles memories. She fell asleep after a long time of thinking.

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