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   Chapter 25 Searching for my love

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9390

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In the morning, Charles started looking for Aya. When she left him last night, he promised himself not to stop searching for her. Not now, not ever. Last night, he held Aya in his arms and took her whole being.

Did Aya planned this all along? Why did she give herself to her and disappeared after? What does she wanted him to do? Does she hate him because of what happened to us last night? He said to himself.

Charles hired several secret agents to find Aya. He was a total wreck after she disappeared.

He can't concentrate on his work. His thoughts were full of Aya's memories of them being together.

Her smile. Her laugh. Her sweet kisses and warm embrace. All of those, he missed from her.

"Aya!" He murmured and closed his eyes desperately. His heart was missing the half of it.

Charles even went to Mike to ask him about Aya.

"Mike, I know that we are not in good terms but for the sake of Aya, I am here infront of you as a man." Charles face looked awful.

" I may have been your rival but we can be friends and join forces in searching for her. I'll help you find her." Mike consoled him and patted his shoulder.

" I'll try to call Jillian too." Charles said before he left Mike's office.

Mike felt the pain that Charles was bearing. Even if she found Aya, will Aya come back? He thought and he started contacting all the possible person that Aya might go.

Meanwhile, the Harvard family was also worried on the sudden disappearance of Aya.

" Dad, what should we do now?" Theo asked.

They all gathered in the study room. No one went to their offices because of what happened.

William was in deep thought. Why would Aya go away? Is it possible that she wanted to take a break from her work? He thought.

" Call Charles to come here at once. We need to know exactly what happened." William clenched his fists in frustration and punched his hand on the table.

Brian called Xia on his phone. He was hoping to know something from her.

" Hello, darling! What's up?" Xia answered while checking on some student papers on her desk.

"I was just hoping that Aya might have contact you. Did she happened to talked to you, honey?" His voice was full of worries.

Just as I've thought. Here comes the protective brother. She said to herself.

" Brian, if you have time meet me in my school today. It's about Aya." She said and shook her head as she spoke to him.

" Okay! I'll come there now!" Brian hung up the phone and looked at his brother and father.

" Dad, I think we had a lead on where might Aya be. I'm going to meet Xia in her school now." Brian stood up and took his car key in a hurry.

" Call us as soon as you know where she is." William instructed his son.

Brian nodded and dashed out to meet his fiancè.

"Theo, have you contact Cha

in a low tender voice.

"That is possible I guess." She said and took her phone from her bag. She dialled Aya's telephone number. When the phone was ringing, she gave her mobile phone to Brian.

"Hello, Aya!" Brian said when he heard someone picked up the phone.

" Brother?" Aya was shocked when she heard her brother's voice on the line.

How did Brian knew my telephone number? The only person who knows this number is Mike and Xia. Did Xia told him already? She said to herself.

"Can I see you, my little sister?" Brian asked with a worried tone of voice.

"Brother, you can't?" She said straightforwardly.

"But why?" He asked curiously.

"I have my reasons." She answered briefly.

"Are you eating well?" He asked again.

"Yes, brother!" She answered.

"Do you need anything ?" Brian was being considerate on her.

"I don't need anything yet for now, brother." Aya said casually.

Her brother was so overprotective to her sometimes. She hates it sometimes. She was annoyed sometimes because of his frequent questioning just like now.

"Call me if you need anything, sis?" He reminded her.

"Yes, brother! Tell Dad and Theo to be patient and I miss you all." She said.

"We miss you too, sis! Come home soon, will you?" He said glancing at Xia.

"Don't tell Charles that you have contact me. Please, brother?" Aya pleaded.

"Charles look like a mess right now, sis. He keeps on searching for you." Brian felt pity for Charles.

" Promise me, Brother?" She said again.

" Okay!" He said and Aya hung up the phone without saying goodbye to him.

Day and night, Charles went into searching his one true love. He took every opportunity and possibility of where Aya might go. After finishing his work everyday in his office, he'll go looking for her. Every night, he prayed for Aya's safety and her return. He missed her so much.

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