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   Chapter 24 A night to remember

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9646

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That night, Charles felt his heart was ripped out from his chest when he saw Aya running away from him. His own recklessness made him hurt himself and the one he loved the most. He made Aya believed that Trixie and him were together again but the truth was they were just playing an act on her.

What if Aya doesn't come back to him anymore? What if she get away from him? What will he do to make up with her if that's the case. I was so stupid! He said to himself and pulled his own hair savagely.

Not long after his phone rang. He looked at the screen of his phone and saw Aya's name on it.

His heart leaped, hoping that Aya made up her mind and he answered the phone casually.

" Hi, there! Want some more drinks?" Aya said on the phone.

Charles had a feeling that Aya was drunk. He could sense it by the way Aya talked to him.

" Aya, where are you?" He said full of concern towards her.

"I'm here at black district. I'm just having fun!" She said and laughed like crazy.

"Who are you with?" He asked hastily.

"No one. I'm all alone. Want to join me?" She answered.

"Tell me, which bar is that?" He asked again.

"Devil's lair bar." She said directly.

When Charles heard where she was, he felt uneasy.

That place was full of bad guys and syndicates that runs a human trafficking business. Why did she went there all alone! She's crazy! Did I hurt her that much? He thought.

" I'll come over there. Wait for me. Don't talk to anyone there, Aya!" He said in a hurry.

"Yeah! Yeah! Whatever!" She said without thinking.

Charles took his car key and went into his car. He drove his car towards the Devil's lair bar. He was so anxious that he speed up the way he drove his car. When he arrived, he went inside and asked the management of the bar if Aya took a VIP room.

" Where is Arianne Harvard?" Charles asked eagerly at the management.

Seeing his furious looking face, the management felt frightened. They all knew who he was and they all kept quiet and took a distance from him. He was surrounded by his men.

" This way, Sir!" The manager lead him to where Aya was. He obediently followed the manager without hesitation.

When the manager opened the door of a VIP room, he saw Aya drunk. There were several empty bottles on the table. He felt pain in his heart seeing her like this. He lovingly held her face whit his two hands facing him.

"Aya, you fool! Why did you come here alone? What if something bad happened to you?" He said with so much affection in his eyes. He stared at her lovely looking face.

"Why do you care?" Aya's face was reddish and her mouth smelled like the alcohol. Her eyes were half open.

"Of course, I care!" He said anxiously.

"Come on! I'm taking you to my place for the meantime." He said tenderly.

Charles carried her in his arms and went to his car. He carefully put Aya inside the car.

car. She called Xia for help to take her away.

"Xia, can you help me escape?" Aya asked when she called her brother's fiancè.

"Where are you? " Xia asked. She was still up because she was working on her lesson plan for tomorrow.

"I'm here at Charles mansion. " She answered to Xia.

"What?! Wait for me there!" Xia was shocked to know that Aya went to Charles after they had talked that afternoon. She drove her car and went to her as fast as she could.

When she arrived, she saw Aya standing at a nearby post.

"Aya, I'm here! Did you turn naughty now?" She said as she came close to her.

"Yeah! I'm leaving him for a while." Aya bowed her head in silence. She was a bit upset to leave everything like this.

Aya and Xia got inside the car and left the place immediately. Xia glanced at her side as she was driving.

"No one knows from your family that you're going away?" Xia asked her.

Aya nodded as a response to her.

"I suggest you should call or text Brian. I know he'll go crazy if he found out that you ran away." Xia said as she continued driving on the road.

"Okay!" Aya agreed to her suggestion.

"You love my brother so much, isn't it? Aya asked when she noticed Xia's glowing face.

"With all my heart. His my life. If you love someone, you must love his entire being. There is no perfect person or relationship in this world, you know?" Xia answered and winked at her.

"Thanks for the advice." Aya said with sad face.

"Where to?" Xia asked her since she was driving for ten minutes already.

"Miramar coast please." Aya said to her.

After two and a half hours of driving, they arrived at the place. There was a cottage nearby. Aya and Xia went there.

"Thank you, Xia!" Aya said and gave her a warm embrace.

"You're welcome! Call me if you need anything." She said and went back to her car.

Aya waved her hand as she bid farewell to her brother's fiancè.

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