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   Chapter 23 A false hope

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In her room, Aya was torn between two men whose dear to her. How can she so hasty about these things. When it comes to her heart, she was weak. Theo happened to noticed her sadness when they had their breakfast. Aya didn't notice her brother came into her room.

" Do you have a problem, sis?" He asked stepping closer to her.

She was standing at the window pace, looking frustrated. She turned over to face her brother.

" Brother, I'm so confuse. I can't choose between the two of them. What should I do?" She said as she leaned at her brother's arms.

" Look into your heart. Which of them deserve your love?" He advised her as he caressed her long black hair.

" Mike has done a lot of things for me but I only see him as a friend and Charles meant everything to me I guess..." She answered honestly.

" You're unsure of him...I mean Charles." Theo said continuously brushing his hand on her hair.

"I don't know! I care for both of them a lot, brother. I don't want to lose either one of them." She said and her eyes became watery. She was holding back her tears.

" Aya, don't give them false hope. You must only chose one of them. " He said and pinched her chin to face him.

"How will I know that I made the right choice, brother?" She said and her tears fell.

" You said Mike is your friend. I bet he is willing to give you your happiness while you are unsure of what you feel for Charles. That is really indeed a tough situation." He said and sighed.

" Brother, am I mean?" Aya asked staring at his brother who kept close to her.

" You're not mean at all. It's just that you are you!" Theo said and laughed to enlighten the mood.

Aya smiled and punched her brother's chest sweetly and not too hard.

" Brother, you're annoying!" She said.

Theo stopped laughing and kissed her forehead.

" So much for teasing my little sister. You remind me of Elsa when she's mad at me." Theo smiled.

Aya stopped punching her brother.

" You missed her don't you, brother?" Aya asked with sincerity on her face.

" I do. I better go now to the office. Will you go with me. This time I'll drive for you." Theo suggested.

Aya nodded and prepared herself to go to work while Theo went back to his room to take a bath.

When they were set to go, Theo and Aya were happily chatting inside the car. The whole morning, Aya and her brothers were busy on their work. Their father come and go into their house. More often he goes to Macau for pure business reason.

At lunch time, Aya felt someone staring at her while her full attention was focused on her computer. She looked at her surroundings and found Mike standing infront of her.

" Mike, this is a surprise. " Aya said surprisingly.

"Are you free for lunch?" He asked with a smile on his face.

Aya smiled as she shook her head in disbelief. Even if Mike was a busy person as a CEO of his own company, he always finds time to see, text or call her. He never failed to amaze her.

"You came here just to ask me that?" She said with amusement.

"Well, I wanted to see you. I miss you everyday, you know?" He said as he looked at her lovingly.

"I guess, I am free for lunch though." She said cheerfully.

"Great! So, can we have a date?" He asked hastily.

"Sure thing!" Aya nodded and took her sling bag. They were about to go out of her office when she saw Charles unhappy looking at them.

"Aya, can we talk?" Charles said with a low tone of voice.

"Charles, I can't right now. I'm with Mike." She said trying to avoid to look at him. She must keep her distance as much as possible. She promised to Theo to stay away from him for a while although her heart was missing him so much. She restrain herself from doing w

's a criminal! You'll just forget about It?" Aya said to him as she stared at him.

"She only did it because of her love for me. I have forgiven her." Charles glanced at Trixie and rubbed her cheek tenderly.

Seeing how affectionate they were, Aya jumped to conclusion that Charles must be faking her.

"No! You're lying!" She shouted in protest. "Charles, how could you do this to me?"

" I'm sorry but I can't wait much longer." He said coldly looking straight to her eyes.

"Charles, you coward!" Aya said and ran outside the police station.

As she ran outside, she bumped into someone familiar to her. She fell to the ground because she was out balanced.

" Aya?!" A woman wearing a teacher's uniform said standing infront of her.

" Xia?!" She said as she looked at the woman.

The woman smiled at her sweetly. Aya stood up gracefully and wiped her tears.

Xia saw her face wet with tears. She embraced her tightly." What's wrong, sweetie?" She said to her. Her smile faded and she had a worried look on her eyes.

Aya held Xia close to her and cried again.

" Tell me, sweetie. You know I'll listen to you." Xia comforted her.

They were along the street and Xia decided to take her to a coffee shop near by.

" Come, let's go somewhere that we could talk privately. " Xia said and lead her to a coffee shop.

Upon entering the place, all eyes were into Aya. It seemed that they were mesmerized by her enchanting beauty. Not to mention Xia that was so formal and sexy too in her teacher's uniform.

They sat down and ordered a glass of orange juice for the two of them.

Aya looked at Xia sadly. " Why am I so stupid to fall in love with a man who changed his heart and mind so easily?"

" Aya, maybe he was just testing you." Xia replied.

" Impossible! I saw him kissing her fiancè and he told me that he have given up on me?" Aya said in a low tone of voice.

" Aya, some men prefer to pretend sometimes. Are you really sure that they are not pretending?" Xia took a sip of orange juice on her glass.

" I don't know. " She said and bowed her head.

" Aya, you're a clever girl. I'll give you a tip." Xia said with a glow of excitement in her eyes.

" What is it?" Aya began to feel curious.

" Be nasty. Make love to him. Sleep with him for just one night." Xia said with a naughty smile on her face.

Aya thought for a second and stared at Xia. " I'll give it a try." She decided.

Xia patted her shoulder." That's my girl!"

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