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   Chapter 22 Trixie's arrest

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9576

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Finally, Sylvester was captured and convicted for the crime he made. It was a news that spread throughout the Malvey Country. Charles also was watching the news on the TV. Suddenly, Charles got a phone call from Theo.

"Bro, have you seen the news?" Theo asked intentionally.

" Yes!" He answered coldly. He was sitting on the sofa watching the news.

"Bro, now that you know the truth, I hope you won't bother my sister anymore!" Theo was serious.

" Are there people concerned in Aya's abduction?" Charles was on doubt that Sylvester was the only culprit in their case.

"According to Sylvester, Trixie made a deal with him." Theo said coldly to him.

"Trixie? But why?" Charles was shocked. He didn't expect his own fiancè to get involved too.

His face became gloomy.

"I think she was blinded by her love for you. " Theo continued.

"She's crazy. Why did she coincided with his plan?" He asked with a furious look in his face.

"You better asked her. That is if she has the face to show up infront of you." Theo suggested.

"I'll definitely do that. Thanks for the info, bro." Charles said staring at the window pace.

" No problem. Bye!" Theo said and ended the phone call.

As soon as he had finished talking to Theo, Charles went to Trixie's apartment. When he arrived, he tried to compose himself and knocked on the door. Trixie opened the door and smiled happily when she saw him standing infront of her. She threw herself into his arms.

"Charles, what a surprise?! Did you miss me that much, sweetheart?" She said sweetly into his ear.

"Cut the act, Trixie!" He said coldly pushing her away from him.

"What do you mean, sweetheart? I'm not acting at all." She was shocked and confused at the same time.

"Don't play dumb on me!" He said roughly, glaring at her.

"I really don't understood you! What's wrong with you?" She said staring at him closely.

"Why did you meet Sylvester before Aya was abducted?" He asked with a furious look in his face.

How did he know that I went to Sylvester to ask for his help? Did that bastard told him about our deal? Damn him! She thought.

"It's true! I did meet up with him but...." Trixie who was frightened by the looks of him tremble in fear. She stopped from talking when Charles choked her.

"Why you....." He said as his anger ranged deeper.

Trixie held Charles hands, struggling herself from him. She punched his chest several times. She almost lost her breathe when Charles realized that he was killing her. He stopped from tormenting her. He let go of her.

Trixie coughed as she was released from his grasp. She started breathing heavily. She glanced at him and explained herself.

"I did it because I love you. Charles, I swear I didn't no what his plan was not until now. Please believe me." She said kneeling infront of him.

"Don't give me that crap

of meat in his plate.

"I'm not avoiding him. I'm just giving him a favor." She said hesitantly.

"What do you mean? This isn't like you, Aya!" He said as he took his whisky and drank.

" I guess I can't deceive you at all. You really knew me that well." She sighed for a bit." Our relationship with each other started only as mere pretention."

"Huh?!" Mike almost throw up the whisky that he had on his mouth because of shock.

"Crazy isn't it? My brother Theo was in debt with him in exchange for what he did for him, he asked my brother to help him find his perpetrators." She said and ate a portion of her meal.

"How did you get involve?" He asked curiously and took a bite of his cake.

"Charles needed someone to pretend as his fiancè. It happens that I was with Theo when they were talking about it. I offered myself to pay my brother's debt to him." She explained.

"So, that's how you were involved with him." Mike remarked.

"Yeah! Now that Sylvester and Trixie are imprisoned, everything's okay now. Meaning the deal is off." She said sadly.

" Aya, will you give me a chance now to court you?" He asked out of the blue.

"Mike your so dear to me. You deserve better than me. I can't return back the feelings you have for me." She said honestly.

"Can you at least give me a chance? Why are you so mean to me? Aya, just let me help you forget him. " Mike raised his voice that made a commotion inside the restaurant.

"Mike I don't want you to get hurt." She said staring at him with an apologetic face.

"You're already hurting me, Aya." He said calmly again. "Please I'm begging you. Let me love you more than just you're friend but as a man."

Aya bowed her head and said : "I'll think about it."

After eating, Aya wanted to go home.

" Mike, please take me home. I need to take a rest." She said softly.

Mike paid their bill and left the restaurant.

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