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   Chapter 21 A trap

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In Aya's room, she was still thinking of Charles. They were so happy together but her happiness turned into nightmare when Trixie came. Now, it seemed impossible for them to be together because she promised to Theo that she will have no more contact with Charles. She suffered enough from this set up of their relationship. It has to end or she will be in vain forever.

Aya took her phone and blocked Charles number into hers. All her social media account connected to him was deleted or blocked. In that way, it will be more easier for her to forget him and her feelings for him.

Charles tried to contact Aya but he failed to have any connection to her.

Damn it! Why can't I contact her? She even blocked my account that was connected to her. What is she thinking? Is she totally telling me to get away from her and leave her alone? Aya, I thought you have feelings for me like I do? He thought to himself. He was so depress.

He can't sleep because of Aya. He grabbed his car key from his side table and went outside to breath some fresh air and to think what should he do? When he was driving, his phone rang.

He took his headset and answered the call.

" Hello? Whose this?" He asked coldly.

" It's me, Trixie! I'm a bit lonely tonight so I thought maybe we could have some dinner together, sweetheart." Trixie said sweetly to him.

" Okay. Where are you? I'll pick you up." He said.

"I'm here at Crimson Hotel at room 143 in the second floor." She gave her address and grinned.

Aya, I won't lose to you. I'll take what is mine. Tonight, I'll make sure that Charles will forget about you and make him fall for me again. She thought to herself.

After hanging up the phone, she walked towards the bathroom to take a shower.

In the Harvard Mansion, Theo came home feeling exhausted. He reminded himself to talk to Aya after changing his clothes. He went directly into his room, untied his necktie and placed his brief case on the table. He sat down for a while in the side of his bed. After he had taken enough rest, he headed towards Aya's room.

Aya heard someone knocking on her door. She opened the door lazily. She saw her brother standing infront of her.

" Can I come in, sis?" He asked softly.

Aya nodded as she gave way for him to enter.

When Theo entered her room, Aya knew what was on his mind. She could predict it just by looking at the expression of his face.

" Aya, our agreement with Charles is finish. You will no longer pretend as his fiancè. I have already talked to him." Theo said to her with a serious look on his face.

" I see. Therefore I need to call Jillian's help to give the informations to Charles as soon as possible." She said staring at her brother.

" What do you mean by that?" He asked curiously.

Instead of answering her brother's question, she picked her phone and dialled Jillian's number.

" Hello, Jillian! It's me!" She said when Jillian answered the phone.

" Hi, girl! What can I do for you?" Jillian asked casually.

" Theo wants to know about Charles and Elise case." She said.

Jillian scanned the reports that she has gathered to solve the case. She sighed and leaned her back on her chair.

" Aya, I think it's time for us to move. If Sylvester is still on the loose, he is more likely to be more dangerous." Jillian said seriously. " Charles, Elise and your case are likely his own doings."

" What should we do then?" Aya asked a

Vladimir was clenching his fists in anger. He's controlling himself not to cause any suspicion from him. He closely watched over Sylvester and Aya where he was standing. There was a hidden camera placed inside the building so that they will have proof for Sylvester's case.

"Why are you doing this to me? I didn't do anything to you." Aya said in a sobbing tone. Her tears fell as she was really crying.

"I told you before that this is my way to get revenge from your fiancè, Charles. " He said roughly.

"He is not my fiancè!" Aya shouted.

"Even so, I know that you are important to him and I bet he'll go crazy looking for you. Ha! Ha! Ha!" Sylvester laughed crisply.

Vladimir can't take anymore of how Sylvester was treating his girl. He took a step back from his comrades and made a gun shot warning.

"That's enough!" He shouted and pointed the gun towards Sylvester. "Let her go!" He said furiously.

Sylvester looked at him angrily. They were now surrounded by the police.

"Why you?.....Traitor!" Sylvester looked furious.

"I won't let you lay a finger on her. " He said to Sylvester.

Aya was aware of what's going on. She was frightened when she saw how Sylvester looked. He was like a lion angrily growling at his opponent. Sylvester was hand cuffed immediately by the police. He was arrested. Vladimir dashed towards Aya and set her free.

"Come on, Aya! Stop crying!" He said while embracing her.

"I was so scared, brother." She admitted and clung into his arms.

"I know! I'm sorry. Everything's okay now." He was consoling her.

Vladimir helped Aya to stand up and they walked together.

"Let's go home!" Vladimir said to her softly.

"Now the deal with Charles is really finish. Thanks to you, brother." Aya said when they was outside the building. Aya saw her brothers waiting for her. She saw how worried they were and felt relieved when they saw her safe.

" Aya, thank goodness you're alright!" They said as they embraced her and Vladimir gave way for them.

Aya smiled at them and embraced them, too. After that, she introduced Vladimir to her brothers.

"Brothers meet Vladimir! He is one of the important person in my life." She said smiling at them.

" Thank you for keeping our sister safe!" They shook hands at each other.

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