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   Chapter 20 In your arms

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When Natasha came back with a glass of water in her hand, Aya's face was calming down a bit. Natasha gave the glass of water to her and she drank it. She had lost control of herself and made her feel terrible. She glanced at Natasha who seemed to be frightened.

" I'm sorry about that, Natasha!" She said looking apologetic.

" It's okay, Miss!" Natasha said giving her an awkward smile.

The truth was, Natasha was frightened indeed. She had seen how Aya behaved whenever she got mad at something. The last time she saw her mad was when one of her staff had a mistake on giving details to her. She threw the papers around her desk and slammed the door madly. Her temper was tremendous and she fired the staff when she had received reports that her staff was secretly meeting with her other competitors and giving informations to them.

The man was imprisoned after being fired. Natasha also knew that Aya was capable of hurting other people. She could be a devil in disguise sometimes.

Meanwhile, Charles was free from his work load today and decided to visit Aya. He missed his Queen so much and he wanted to comfort her. He planned to take her to the hidden garden pavilion.

He looked at his time and it was almost nine in the morning. He instructed Walter to reserve a room and a table in the pavilion for them. He left his company and went to the Harvard Mansion.

While he was on his way, he remembered to stop by in a flower shop. He bought a bouquet of white roses for Aya. Then he got back inside his car and drove again towards Aya's place. He placed the flowers next to him.

When Charles arrived at the Harvard Mansion, Alicia opened the door for him.

" Where is Aya?" He asked to the maid.

" She's in her private study room, Sir. Please follow me!" Alicia said and led him to where Aya was.

Natasha heard a knocking at the door. She stood up to see who it was. She opened the door and found Charles standing infront of her. She smiled and let Charles come inside. Aya took a glance at the door and her heart raised with excitement when she saw Charles coming.

" Good morning, my Queen!" Charles said.

Aya stood up to meet him and they embraced each other.

" Good morning!" She said while she was in his arms.

Charles pushed her away and gave her the flowers." For you!"

Aya took the flowers and her eyes glowed. Her madness disappeared and her joy was shown into her face. Natasha left them with a smile on her face.

" Are you busy, my Queen?" He asked with a low tender voice.

" Not really. Why?" She answered sweetly, wrapping her arms around his neck.

" Can you join me for lunch?" He said and kissed her sweetly.

" Okay!" She answered shyly.

Aya and Charles together went outside hand in hand.

They looked so good together like a real couple. If only Aya was his and if only Charles was hers, I think the two of them would be a perfect couple. Alicia said gazing at the two of them while they were walking towards the car.

When Charles got inside the car and Aya was beside him, the expression of their faces was they were happy being together again. Charles drove the car until they finally reached the hidden garden pavilion. As they step out of the car, Aya was captivated by the beauty of the place.

" Wow! Charles this place is so beautiful!" She sounded amazed.

" There's nothing in this world that is more beautiful than you are, my Queen." Charles said staring at her passionately.

Aya blushed the way Charles complimented her. They went inside and in the center of the garden was a table prepared specially for them. Charles grabbed a chair for her to seat before he sat down to the opposite side of her chair. When Aya sat down, a group of musicians came and played a romantic sweet melody to them.

Aya's heart was overwhelmed by Charles effort to make h

n an instant.

" I fired him because he is incompetent. He was also involved in bribery. I had him investigated before I acted towards him, brother." She explained herself.

Theo was left speechless when she heard her explanation. He shook his head afterwards.

" Anything more to say, brother?" Aya asked in a mocking tone.

" Well, I guess I have no more to say." He said in defeat.

Aya took the papers from her drawer and presented it to her brother.

" Here are the investigation reports and a voice tape as an evidence. I'm giving them to you. It's your job as the president to take responsibility in this case, brother. " She said while handling the papers to him.

Theo felt embarrassed but that's how her little sister do her work.

"Thank you, sis!" He said with a sad tone.

Aya felt guilty in how he treated her brother. Therefore, she glanced at him and went close to him to cheer him up.

" Hey, cheer up, brother! I'm sorry for treating you like that. I was in a foul mood." She said hugging her brother like a baby.

" Why? What happened?" His sadness subsided when he was consolidated by his sister and now, he was worried again.

" Oh, it's nothing! You know me, brother. I am tough. Right?" She said in a cheerful voice but her heart was sulking.

Theo knew that if Aya don't want to say anything, she'll keep it only to herself. Sometimes, he pitied his sister. She may look okay but deep inside was she was lonely and has been longing for love and attention. Theo gave his sister a tender kiss on her forehead.

" Are you sure, you're okay? " He said rubbing his hands oh her cheeks.

" I'm okay, brother!" She was definitely lying.

Theo looked at her face and said: "Sis, remember always that we are here for you. We love you! Your so precious to our whole family. "

Aya smiled at him. She wanted to cry from her brother's words.

Theo left her and went back to his office while Aya went back into scanning the documents on her computer.

Charles, on the other hand, received a phone call from Theo.

" Hi, bro! What's up?" He said cheerfully to his friend.

" Bro, I need you to stay away from my sister from now on. The deal we had is finish." Theo said in a warning tone.

" What's the matter, bro? Did I do something wrong?" Charles asked in confusion.

" You're my friend but I don't want my sister to get involved with you anymore. She suffered enough. So stay away from her, bro or else...." Theo said anxiously.

Before Charles could say another word, Theo hung up the phone.

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