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   Chapter 19 A Dark Past

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 10593

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Through the help of one of his men, Sylvester managed to escape from being arrested when they kidnapped Aya. He was unconscious for four hours. When he opened his eyes, he was already inside a room. His head was covered with a surgical bandage.

He tried to sit up holding his head. He was still in pain due to the injury he got from being hit y a strong object.

Who the hell hit me that day? Who save Aya from his grasp. Is it Charles or someone else? I swear I'll come back to take my revenge on them. He thought to himself.

Then a flow of memories rushed in to his mind. These memories was about his dark past. He closed his eyes as he recalled them.

In his younger years, Sylvester was just a mere teenage boy wondering around the street.

" Hey, there! Want some money?" A man who happened to see him in the street approached him. He was looking at him with his lusty eyes. Sylvester had no choice because he had no place to stay.

" Yes, Sir. I'll do anything to have money so that I can buy some food." He said to the man desperately.

" Well then, come with me! I'll give you money and food." The man smiled and took him in a hotel room.

" You better take a bath first while waiting for The food I ordered. " The man said to him coldly.

Sylvester obeyed him like a dog doing what his master's command. He went to the bathroom and took a shower. After taking a cold bath, he went back to the room where the man was eagerly waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. He saw him placing a lot of food stuff in the table.

" You smell so good! Now, come and eat first while I'll look for clothes for you to wear." The man said staring at him closely and left him for a second.

He was totally naked and the towel was the only thing that covered his manhood. He was a little embarrassed but he was in no position to decline now. He needed money desperately. This was the only fastest way to have money. He sat down and ate some food on the table.

He was so hungry that he almost ate all of it. He had been wandering around the City for almost two days now. He was sleeping at any place he could find shelter without paying. He had no more money when he arrived at this City.

The man came back to him with some clothes on his hands.

" Here! You can have these. Their brand new. You can wear them after we play a little. " The man said putting down the clothes next to him.

Sylvester knew exactly what the man intended to do onto him. He was prepared for this situation. The man touched his body and made love to him in exchange for money. The money that the man gave him was enough to pay for a comfortable place to stay and buy some food for a week.

Aside from being sexually abused, Sylvester was into a gang after meeting some group of men who were involve in stealing and robbery. Everyday, he goes out of his place to sell his body for pleasure to anyone in order for him to have money for his living.

His mother was a drug addict and his father was a well known man with so many mistresses. He ran away from home because of how he was treated by his parents.

Everyday, his mother beat him because she wanted money whi

and gave his phone to him since the maid had no idea where his phone was.

He dialled Trixie's number on his phone. He'll asked that woman's help for the meantime.

"Hello, sweetheart?" He said when the phone was answered.

Trixie was shocked to hear Sylvester's voice on the line.

How on earth did he manage to escape? What does he wants from her? If Charles knew that Sylvester called her, she'll be dead. What should I do? She thought.

"What do you want?" Trixie managed to recover from her shock.

" I need you to contact my lawyer for me. I am in no condition right now to talk nor roam around the City. If you don't do as I say, you'll go in prison with me." He said threatening her.

Trixie was shaken by the thought of her being in prison because she coincided with his plan to separate Aya and Charles.

" Okay! Fine! Fine! Give me his number. " She said in defeat.

Sylvester smiled treacherously. He has still everything under his control. He gave his lawyer's number to Trixie.

Meanwhile, Aya was taking all her works at home. She was guarded 24 hours by the men her father hired to watch over her. She was in the middle of doing her paperworks when her phone rang. She took her phone and answered it. It was a phone call from an unknown number.

" Hello, sweetheart? You may have manage to escape from me but I won't give up on you!" The man's voice was definitely Sylvester.

Aya clenched her fist in anger. " How dare you?! You'll pay highly for abducting me." She said furiously.

Sylvester mocked at her." You have a lot of guts but how does it feel to be touched by the famous Sylvester Winchester. I bet Charles is furious that her woman was taken by me." He said and laughed devilishly.

" Damn you! I'm disgusted by you! Go to hell! Bastard!" She said loudly that Natasha freaked out hearing her voice. Aya dropped the phone and instructed Natasha to give her some water.

Natasha who was beside her table rushed towards the kitchen to fetch her a glass of water. She was puzzled by Aya's reaction about that phone call. Aya was definitely in a bad mood now.

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