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   Chapter 18 Save Aya

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 9402

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Everyone was startled by the news on TV. The main headline was Arianne Harvard was kidnapped and was now being saved from her abductors. Trixie was watching the late night news and she smiled victoriously.

Hmmm..... I guess Sylvester made his move already. He is really an idiot! He underestimated the Harvard clan. I must not get myself involve with this. She said to herself.

Waiting for Vladimir to strike, he held firmly onto his wood. When the two men guarding the room turned around to peak on Aya and Sylvester, he took the opportunity to it and hit the men's head hardly, causing them to fell down to the ground unconscious. Carefully, he opened the door and got even more furious when he saw what was happening to Aya.

Aya was crying while Sylvester was savagely taking her into his arms. This scene made Vladimir got terribly mad and he rushed towards Sylvester, hitting him hard on his head with the wood he was holding.

Sylvester felt a hard object hit his head. He fell down unconscious on the ground. Then, Vladimir untied the ropes on Aya's feet and hands. He also took off the masking tape that was covering Aya's mouth. Aya was still sobbing.

When Aya got loose, she cried and hugged Vladimir tightly. Vladimir's anger subsided and her love for Aya was replaced into it.

"Brother!" She said sobbing on his chest.

"Aya, I'm here now! Stop crying .Okay?" He said comforting her from sobbing.

Theo, Brian, William and Charles together with the police gathered around the abandoned apartment.

" To the people inside the apartment, this is the MCPD. Surrender now quietly or you'll be sorry if not!" One of the police officer said loudly.

Aya and Vladimir heard the sirens.

" Aya, I can't come with you outside. You go on without me." He said to her cautiously.

" Brother, how about you?" Aya's face looked worried.

"I'll find my way out! I promise, will see each other again." He gently touched Aya's face and kissed her forehead.

" Oh, brother!" Aya murmured as she embraced him once again.

Vladimir held her in his arms. Smelling her sweet scent and feeling her warmth.

He pushed her away with a heavy heart." Go!"

Aya ran towards the door and went outside.

All the people outside were surprised when they saw Aya in such a mess.

The police went full alert to protect her. Charles together with the policemen went close to her and guarded her. Her abductors surrendered willingly to the police.

" Aya!" Her family shouted with relief.

William embraced her daughter tightly. He was too worried that he might lost her one and only daughter. Her brothers gently tapping her shoulders to give her a sign of assurance.

" Let's go home!" William said to her.

The Harvard family left the site and took off without glancing back at Charles.

nds." He sighed and continued talking." That's why I am more worried. Aya has a difficult stubbornness in herself. Not even one of us can stop her. If she thinks she is in the right side, she'll fight for it no matter what."

They exchanged gazes to each other. Then Brian spoke what's on his mind.

" Dad, we should still tell her something. Maybe she will listen." Brian expressed himself.

" I agree with Brian, Dad. Knowing Aya, if we kept it a secret, she'll definitely hate us again. If she's mad at us, we might end up losing her." Theo approved to his brother's idea.

" I promised to mom before she died that I'll take responsibility in taking care of our sister. I'll keep my promise, Dad. No matter what." Brian courageously said to his father.

"I'll try to talk to her when she recovered from her shock. You have seen her trembling with fear. She was so frightened. She even cried infront of us. Let's take it slow for her." Their father resolved.

Their discussion ended but they were troubled on how to help Aya recover from all of this.

Meanwhile, Mike felt relieved when he heard the news in the TV that Aya was saved by an unknown person.

He was puzzled by whom this person that saved his love of his life.

Oh, Aya! What will I do without you? You're my everything. If only you can return my feelings for you, I'll make sure that you'll stay safe and happy. He said to himself.

He was in the living room and drinking a glass of vodka. The thought of Aya being kidnapped made him uncomfortable and hot tempered. Losing Aya means losing his life. That's what he thought of himself. He has drank a lot of alcohol already and made him feel dizzy.

He went to his room and took a shower on his bathroom to lessen the feeling of weariness in him. He dried himself with a towel and change clothes before he went to lay down on his bed.

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