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   Chapter 17 An evil plot

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Early morning, Aya woke up with a heavy weight on her head. The last thing she remembered was she was in the night bar alone. How did she end up here in her room? Who brought her here?

Looking at the side of her bed, she saw her father sleeping and was seated near her. Although, she was still angry at her father, her heart felt pity for him. She touched her father's head tenderly. She care for her father even if he lied to her.

" Aya, you're awake!" Her father said as he opened his eyes. He was awakened by her gentle touch on his head.

Aya smiled and laid back again. She was too weak to stand up.

" Are you hungry? Do you want anything, my angel?" William said looking worried.

"How did I end up here in my room, Dad?" She asked. There was no more trace of anger into her words. Her sweet voice made her father felt more guilty.

"Charles took you in here. Are you still angry at me?" He said as he stroke his hands on Aya's face gently.

She shook her head as a response to her father. William held her hand gently and looked at her lovingly.

" I'm really sorry, my angel. Don't worry. I have broke up with her already. I promised that I'll make it up to you for the suffering that I caused you."

" Dad, I'm sorry too. I was impulsive last night."

Looking at her father, she apologized to him. They hugged each other when William heard Aya's forgiveness towards him. A knocking on the door interrupted their reunion. William stood up and opened the door.

"Good morning, sis! We brought you your breakfast." Theo carrying a tray with her favorite food on it while Brian had a bouquet of white roses on her hand.

"Good morning, brothers!" She greeted them.

" We are here to ask for your forgiveness. We should have told you about Dad's secret a long time ago but we were afraid that you might hate him even us." Brian said handling her the flowers.

" I'm sorry, too, brothers! It was childish of me last night. Just promise me that there will be no more keeping secrets in this family." She said to them.

" We promise!" They made a vow to her.

After they had been forgiven, they smiled and gathered together as they hugged each other as a family.

On a breaking news in the TV, the main headline was Aya being held by Charles in the night bar. Trixie who was watching the news got furious and crumpled the paper that she was holding. She was in Crimson Hotel because she had another advertisement project.

Charles is mine! Aya, how could you be such a bitch? Flirting and taking away my man, huh?! She said to herself.

Suddenly, an idea popped into her mind when she saw another headline, Aya being with Mister Sylvester Winchester. As she looked closer to the man's facial expressions, he certainly admired Aya. He may use him for her plot against that filthy woman. She thought.

Due to her undying love for Charles, Trixie went to meet Sylvester. She managed to pull some strings for her to get an appointment with him on that day. She fixed herself and rushed outside the hotel room. She grabbed a taxi and headed to Sylvester's company building.

Trixie arrived earlier than expected. One of the company staff welcomed her and led her to Sylvester who was eagerly awaiting for her arrival. When they saw each other face to face, Sylvester made a sarcastic look on her.

" It has been a long time, Trix! How's life?" Sylvester was proud and full of himself.

" My life is in good circumstance. But I need to ask a favor from you." She spoke straight forward to him.

" You came here to ask a favor from me?" A grinned was shown in his face.

" I know that yo

oking at her intensely. He licked her tears that was rushing down from her cheeks. Aya closed her eyes as she was continuously being touched by him.

Charles, brothers, Dad help me! Please hurry! Her mind screamed as Sylvester kept on taking advantage of her.

" Aya, you're such a beauty!" He whispered into her ears and bit her ears savouring every inch of her body.

She couldn't say a thing because her mouth was covered.

How will I save myself from this devil? Is it my time to be deflowered by a man whom I don't love or even like? Where are you, Charles? save me! Please? She said desperately to herself.

A phone call disturbed Mike's concentration on what he was working on his computer. It was a call from one of his men who was in charge of watching over Aya.

" Hello! What is it?" He said annoyingly.

"Boss, bad news!" The man said with a heavy breathing.

"What's the bad news?" Mike's mind was shaken by the thought that something bad might have happened to Aya.

"Boss, Miss Aya was kidnapped!" His man declared to him.

His suspicion was confirmed and he got mad.

" Who kidnapped Aya?" Mike said with a furious look in his face.

" Gather our men and go save Aya!" Mike instructed him.

"Yes, Boss!" The man answered and turned off his phone.

Mike punched his desk with his clenched fist. He look furious at the same time worried.

" Oh, Aya! Please hang on!" He said, clenching his fists hard. " Please be safe!"

Secretly, Vladimir hid himself from the bushes near the abandoned apartment. He followed his comrades when they executed their plan on kidnapping Aya. As He was looking at the area where they hid Aya, he planned to get inside the apartment to free Aya without being noticed by his comrades. He carefully watched his every move not to cause any noise so that he will not get caught.

When he saw the guards left their post, he rushed inside the apartment. There were still some guards on the room where Aya was being held by Sylvester. He heard the other guard saying: " The boss is too greedy. I bet he is playing with the girl now."

Vladimir clenched his fists in anger.

I won't allow you to hurt Aya! Not in a million years! I'll kill you if a you lay a finger on her! He said to himself as he gazed furiously at the two men guarding the room.

He saw a hard wood and took it slowly from the floor.

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