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   Chapter 16 Whose the better man

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 11772

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After having her vacation, Aya went back to Malvey Country in full bloom. It's because she made a beautiful memory with the man she love the most. She was so happy and had a lot of fun.

Upon landing on the company rooftop, she was welcomed with a great big hug from her brothers. Her happiness was shown all over her face.

" Welcome back, sis!" her brothers said. They walked hand in hand, all three of them in going inside the company. Aya gave her presents to her brothers before heading back to their house.

When she arrived at the mansion, Aya rested a bit on her room and took her phone out of her bag. She called her father to inform him that she arrived home safely.

"Hi, Dad! How are you?" She said when her father answered the phone.

" Sweetheart, dinner is ready." A woman's voice said on the other line while she was on the phone.

" I'm fine, my angel. Hey, I'll call you back later. Okay? Something came up." Her father said quickly when the woman called him.

" Okay, Dad! I love you!" She said casually.

" I love you too, my angel." Her father said and hung up the phone instantly.

Who was that woman? Is my father having an affair? She thought as she recalled her conversation with her father. She wanted to confirm her suspicions so she called Jillian.

"Hello, Aya! What's up?" Jillian answered the phone on her office.

"Jillian, can you please recommend me a person to investigate my father's supposed lover? I want to know everything about her? My father is in Macau right now." She said directly to her friend.

Her being straight forwarded person was one of the characteristics that Jillian loved about her.

" Does your brother knows what you are planning to do?" Jillian asked out of curiosity.

" Nope! I want to keep it a secret." Aya said without hesitation.

" Here you go again, girl! But I understand. I'll contact my friend there in Macau for you." Jillian said even if she wanted to warn her friend, she just gave up with the idea of stopping her.

" Tell that person to fax me the reports on my personal account on WhatsApp. I want results and evidences. ASAP!" Aya instructed.

"Okay!" Jillian agreed.

" Thanks, girl! Bye!" Aya hung up the phone and went to sleep. She fell asleep soundly.

The next morning, Aya went back to her daily routine. She kept herself busy at most of the time. Theo and Brian didn't care less because they want to see her happy on whatever pleases her.

She was so busy that she didn't have time to rest. Charles and Mike constantly sending her flowers everyday.

A week had passed when she received reports from an unknown sender but with Jillian's logo attached on it. She took a look at it and there was a video and photos taken as a proof. Her face became dark and gloomy. The picture was her father with a woman probably the same age like her father, arm in arm in a hotel lobby. There was a video of the two having intercourse inside a room.

She took her phone and dialled her father's number. As soon as she saw that the other line accepted her call, she spoke instantly.

"Dad, can we talk? I need to talk to you face to face. Come home tonight, please?" She said sweetly.

Her father got confused for a second. But managed to compose himself.

"Okay, my angel. I'll come home after my meeting with one of our investor."

She hung up the phone without saying goodbye to her father.

Then, she texted her brothers to have a family matter discussion this evening. She finished her work early

ir love for her was overwhelming.

Charles carried Aya and brought her to his car while Mike looking sad and jealous went back to his house.

When Charles arrived at the Harvard Mansion, everyone felt relieved.

" Let's bring her to her room." William said looking at her daughter.

" Thanks, bro!" Theo and Brian smiling and patting his shoulder.

" Don't mention it. I'll do anything for Aya's sake." Charles humbly said to them.

Charles laid Aya on her bed in her room. William sat at the side of the bed and caressed her lovely face.

" I'm really sorry, Aya! I hope you can forgive me. " William said with so much affection for his daughter. Then he made a resolution to end his daughter's suffering. " I'll break up with her. I'll make up to you. You're the most important person in my life. Don't ever leave us again. I'll stay by your side forever, my angel. My one and only gemstone. "

Before the night ends, William called Laura on the phone.

" Hello, sweetheart!" The woman said cheerfully. " Did you arrive safely?"

" Yes!" His tone was sad and full of regrets. " Laura, I'm sorry but we have to end our relationship now. Forget about me. You deserve someone else."

" Hey! This isn't funny. You're joking right?" The woman said in disbelief.

" I'm serious. Aya found out our relationship and she's suffering emotionall because of us. I do love you but...I can't afford to lose my one and only daughter ". William explained.

" I understand! Goodbye then!" The woman said as tears flowed into her cheeks and hung up the phone.

William looked at Aya who was sound asleep and held her hand tightly as tears fell from his eyes.

I did it, my angel. I'm free again. I can only be the father and husband to your mom forever. He said to himself.

" Dad, I love you! Why did you do that to mom? Why?" Aya said those words on her sleep and William heard it loud and clear. Aya was dreaming.

William's heart ached as he heard Aya's words. It's hurting him so much. He never imagined that his actions would cause his only daughter to act like this.

His only daughter looked up to him with pride and joy before and now, she turned her down by doing a big mistake in his life.

Please I beg for your forgiveness. Allow me to correct my mistake. He said to himself and kissed Aya's forehead gently.

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