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   Chapter 15 Aya's vacation

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After a long tiring week, Aya had finally found some time to relax. She planned to take a one month vacation. She took their private jet and headed to Ilocos Sur, Philippines. The travel took her 6 hours to get there. One of their investors offered her a VIP room in La Luna Hotel in Vigan City.

Inside her private jet, Aya gave her brother Theo a call.

" Brother, I'll take a one month vacation for a while. "

Theo was confused by her sudden decision of taking a vacation.

" Aya, is there a problem?" He asked.

" I just want to have some time for myself, brother. I'll be in Vigan City, Philippines. Don't worry about me. I'll call you up again once I have arrived there."

Theo gave her a big sigh. " Do you really need to go far from Malvey Country?"

" I want to explore other Country too, brother. I hope you understand."

There was a few seconds of silence from the other line of the phone when Aya answered his brother's question.

" I'm inside our private jet already so, I have to hang up now brother. See you after a month. I'll keep in touch with you always, brother."

Before her brother could protest, she turned off her phone and smiled.

When Walter reported to Charles that Aya fled to the Philippines, he startled. He gave Walter a savage look.

" Walter, make sure you cancelled all my one week appointments. I'll be leaving the Country. " He said anxiously and ordered Walter to prepare his private jet. He planned to follow her and bring her back to Malvey Country.

What happened? Why did she leave without saying a word with me? I'll bring her back. I won't let her go. Charles thought as he packed up his suitcase.

Walter contacted the CEO's private pilot to prepare the private jet for their boss.

"Sir, the private jet is ready for you to accommodate. Am I coming with you, Sir?

Charles looked at him and shook his head. "Your going to stay here to fix all the things I left for work."

" As you wish, Sir!"

Then, Charles went into the rooftop of the building where his private jet was waiting for him. Walter followed his back. Apparently, the private jet was on the state of getting ready to fly. Charles climbed up into his private jet and fled to the Philippines.

Mike was also bothered when one of his men told him that Aya left the city and fled to the Philippines. Knowing Aya, she is vulnerable sometimes. She must have a deeper reason why she left. But what could that reason be? Mike clenched his fists to his troubling thoughts about the woman he love the most.

Since he has so much work load, he initiated his men to follow Aya and made sure that she was safe and kept protected.

Aya arrived at Vigan City safe and sound. She was escorted by Mr. Smith's men as soon as their boss called to pick her up in the Mindoro Airport.

As she was walking towards the Mercedes Benz, Aya saw the wide view scenery of the sea near the airport. The sea salt water breeze was welcoming her. Her long black hair was swaying in the air.

She got inside the car and headed towards the hotel. Upon reaching the hotel, Aya was welcomed by the hotel staff and Mr. Smith himself.

" Welcome to La Luna Hotel, Miss Harvard! It is our great pleasure to have you here. If you need anything, please feel free to ask Helena for your assistance. Rest assure that we will tend into your needs and comforts, Miss." Mister Smith said while looking at her. She only had her sling bag and a backpack which contained her personal belongings and accessories.

" Thank you so much, Mister Smith."

" Please call me Paul. I know that you are tired so I suggest that you may rest in your attended room, Miss."

"Thank you once again. I'll have a rest and then I'll take my way to see around tonight."

Aya together with Helena headed towards her room. Helena opened the door on room 368.

As she entered the room, her eyes were amazed by its distinguished look. The room reserved for her was really splendid. There were gold sculptured flower figure on the black painted wall and the floor was carpeted with gray coloured thin mat. The bed was furnished like a princess bed. The side table was definitely made of antique and the chandelier was dazzling.

As if she didn't enter a hotel but a princess quarter indeed.

She gazed at Helena as she wanted to be alone now.

"Here's the key to your room, Miss. Would you like me to escort you tonight on exploring the city sites?" Helena said as she was giving the key to her.

Aya took the key and smiled.

" Thank you, Helena. I'll be loo

ened?" Charles asked anxiously.

Aya pointed on the thing she had just accidentally saw and touched. Charles looked at it and was also shocked but a grin on his face suddenly showed afterwards.

" I think that item is rare. I think I'll buy it as a present for Theo." Charles said.

" No way!" Aya protested.

Charles pinched her chin and tilted it to face him. "Why not?"

A teasing smile was shown in his face. Aya blushed at the thought of him buying that item for his brother.

"I don't like to see it in my house. It's embarrassing!" Aya said in a soft voice and bit her lower lips. Looking at him, makes her tense. Her body was like a voltage of electricity was overflowing into her every nerves.

" Aya!" Charles said and then slowly their lips touched each other and they enjoyed kissing each other.

After their kiss, Charles secretly bought the item without Aya knowing it. He winked at Helena who saw him buying it. Helena smiled shyly and never told Aya what she saw.

"What did you buy?" Aya asked when she noticed Charles was holding a plastic bag.

"Nothing special. So, where is our next stop?" He glanced at Helena who was ahead of them.

"We'll go watch the dancing fountain. Usually the dancing fountain starts to operate at ten o'clock in the evening. Apparently, we should head there 30 minutes earlier so that we can have find a better place to sit in, Sir. There will be a lot of people already if we get there at exactly ten." Helena explained.

Aya bought a couple t-shirt for her brothers and their fiancè. She also bought a keychain for herself. Looking at the couple t-shirt that she bought, Charles bought also a pair of it.

" Why did you buy a couple t-shirt? Is that for you and Trixie?" There was a bit of jealousy in her words when she mentioned Trixie's name.

Charles smiled and kissed her hand. " Do I sense some jealousy?" He said teasing her.

Aya turned her face and was about to leave him but he embraced her tightly at her back.

" You're avoiding to answer my question again ha?!" He said into her ear. His breathe felt so warm. " I bought this for both of us."

" Really?" She said in disbelief.

"Yes! We'll wear it tomorrow. What time do you plan to go out again tomorrow?"

Aya thought for a second before answering. " I guess it would be better to go outside around nine o'clock in the morning. "

"Okay then." He said and released her from his grasp.

They headed to the dancing fountain around nine thirty. They looked for a nice spot to sit in so that they could view it very well. The music started at exactly ten o'clock. They were amazed by the flow of water, the lights and how everybody enjoys the view. Charles squeezed her hand as she leaned back into his shoulder.

The following day, Aya and Charles went to the wind mills of Bangui and to Baluarte. They enjoyed each other's company. After a week, Charles went back to Malvey Country but Aya made a promise to him that she'll get back to Malvey Country after her supposed vacation.

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