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   Chapter 14 A moment with you

Eternal Love Quest By Mystical Nymph Characters: 10874

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Feeling exhausted, Charles took his phone and scanned the photos in it. He smiled and felt a little relief when he saw Aya's picture with him beside her. That picture was taken when they went to visit Aya's grandmother into the hill downtown. He was too busy that he hadn't seen her for two weeks already. Although he always sent her flowers everyday, he still longed to be with her.

He pulled an overnighter on his work so that he'll have free time tomorrow.

Morning came and he was excited because he planned to go to Aya's office to fetch her. He bought a bouquet of white roses and he was incredibly handsome wearing a white polo shirt and black jeans. He also bought some food and drinks, placing it on his compartment. Everything was set.

In the Harvard company building, Aya was so stressed out because of her work load. Since she missed out on some of her appointments before due to her accident, she had to work harder this time to cope up with her clients. She didn't even notice a man entering her office. She startled when a big hand covered her eyes.

A familiar male scent was near her.

" Guest who am I?" a seductive voice gave her body a shiver. His breathe was too sensual that she almost wanted to take him in her arms.

" Charles!" Aya said as she took off the man's hands over her eyes. She turned around to face him and their eyes met. A strong magnetic force casted on both of them. Instantly, Charles gave her an intimate kiss on her lips. Aya gasped as she was overwhelmed by the feeling of passion arising into them. She placed her arms around his neck. Charles pushed her body closer to him as they gave way to their longingness towards each other. Finally, Charles stopped kissing her and stared at her lovingly.

" Would you spare a little of your time with me, my queen?" Their foreheads were leaning onto each other.

" I guess I can." Aya answered back.

Charles moved away to give her the flowers. "For my Queen. "

She smiled at the sight of the fresh flowers and she took it from him. " Thank you so much, Charles! Aren't you busy today? What if Trixie finds out that you're with me?"

" You don't have to worry a thing. I have all my time just for you today. Just forget about Trixie. You're more important to me than her."

Saying those words, Aya felt happy. They went outside the office and got inside his car.

She didn't ask anything else when Charles was driving on the main road. She had no idea what Charles was planning to do. The important thing was that they were both happy with each other.

Charles dragged Aya back to the hill downtown where her grandma stayed. A Harvard has their own way of thinking of how to live their life. Her grandmother was pleased to see them together as they walked towards the hut. They held hands while approaching her grandmother.

" This is a pleasant surprise! What brings you two here in my humble home, my dearest?" Her grandmother had a wide smile on her face.

Bending her head, Aya gave a gentle kiss on her grandmother's cheek. Charles smiled and greeted Aya's grandma. " Good morning, grandma! We came here to visit you and spent some time together."

" Please do come inside!" Her grandma led their way inside the hut.


g their engagement ring and that made him believe that Aya will always be his.

The counter saleslady showed a pair of blue jade earring with three small pieces of diamonds around it.

" This is one of the most latest fashion heirloom for this month, Sir. There are only three pairs exclusively made for the most top ranking personnel in our country. This is the last pair, Sir."

The saleslady couldn't take off his eyes on Charles face. Aya felt irritated by how she acts infront of him.

"I'll take it. How much is it?" He said while gazing at the pair of earring.

"It cost three million pesos, Sir." Smiling at him, she was staring and seducing him intentionally.

As Charles gave his silvery card to the saleslady, she intentionally touched his hand smoothly.

Aya became more aware of what the saleslady was up to. Aya wrapped her arms around Charles neck and gave him a savage kiss. Although shocked for a second, Charles held her body more closer to him and kissed her back. Secretly, Aya's eyes gave a warning look to the saleslady as she kissed Charles.

The kiss was breath taking. Charles traced her lips with his thumb finger after the kiss.

" If we were alone and in a more private place, I might have made love to you already. You're so hot, my Queen. " He whispered seductively into her ear and then he gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek.

Aya smiled victoriously when she saw the saleslady bowed her head in embarrassment.

After paying the earrings, Charles faced her and put the earrings into her ears.

" You look fantastic, my Queen!" He held her hands and kissed them tenderly.

Charles took his card and put it back on his wallet. Then they left happily clinging into each other.

In Crimson Hotel, Aya and Charles were taking their first date as a couple. Aya took a spoonful of her meal and fed it to him. Charles gladly opened his mouth and ate gradually.

How sweet! Aya was always been so carefree towards me. She makes me a better person whenever she's around me. I am so grateful that I met her and became a part of my life. A life without her is meaningless. He thought as he gazed at her glowing face.

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