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   Chapter 13 Mike's love confession

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Another day came by. Aya was getting better and better each day. Michelle took care of her very well.

" Look at you, sis! It seems your almost in good shape." Theo noticed her arm and leg. His eyes were glowing with happiness.

" Michelle is a good therapist and nurse, brother. I owe it to her." Aya glanced at Michelle's direction cheerfully. " I'm looking forward to getting well soon so that I can resume on my daily routine. I'm kind of bored already. "

Theo laughed at her complaints. " I bet you miss to see your lover huh?"

The lover Theo was referring to was Charles. He often come visit her when he had a free time but most of the time, he was so busy.

Aya blushed when she heard her brother teasing her about Charles. She really missed the guy so much but she was restraining herself because of Trixie. Though Trixie was busy in her photo shoot, she made sure that Charles focused his attention only to her when they were all alone in the house.

" Brother, stop teasing me or you'll be sorry." Aya tried to threaten her brother. Knowing her, if she say something, she'll definitely do it. She had full of guts on herself that even her brothers can't beat it.

"Okay, fine! So, how about we play cards since I have no work for today. I'll be spending more time with my dearest sister. " Theo suggested so that Aya won't get bored.

" Nice idea, brother! We never played cards for a long time, hasn't it?"

" Can I join, too?" Suddenly Brian said as he appeared infront of them.

" Of course, brother! The more, the merrier!" Aya answered happily.

Alicia, one of their trusted maid came and brought the cards and a blanket for them. They sat down in an Indian sit position on the floor. A blanket was placed in their middle.

" Would you like to play with us, Michelle?" Aya glanced at her nurse who was smiling beside her.

"What kind of card game are you going to play, Miss?" Michelle asked politely.

" Finding pairs. It's easy, right? Come on join us?" Aya encouraged her to join them.

Michelle nodded and she asked: " What's the punishment for the loser, Miss?"

" We'll draw something on their face using a lipstick. How's that?" Aya suggested.

" That's fantastic, sis!" Theo grinned as he thought of the idea that Aya suggested to them.

Brian took the cards and reshuffled it. After reshuffling, Aya took one card and hid it. Brian continued as he passed the cards to each of them until there were no more cards left in his hands. He picked one card from Michelle and threw the pair of cards he had in the center. Next, Michelle picked one from Theo's cards and she did the same like Brian did. It was Theo's turn to pick from Aya's cards when they suddenly heard a door bell.

"Alicia, will you please open the door?" Brian said as he glanced to the maid who was standing close to them.

Mike saw the siblings, playing like kids on the floor. So, this is the type of bonding these siblings do. He said to himself as he approached them in the living room." Hey, everyone! What are you playing?"

" Hi there, bro! Come here and join us!" Theo said as he glanced at him.

Mike sat down beside Aya. He kissed Aya's cheek as a greeting. Theo and Brian looked at each other. They both saw the intimate look on Mike's as he kissed their sister. They were both men and they knew when a guy had a special feeling for a woman like their sister.

" Aren't you busy today? Why are you here?" Aya asked him.

"I have a lot of free time today so I thought I could come and visit you. Is that a problem, my princess?" He answered.

Aya felt loved by these people around her. Her heart was filled with joy.

" Hey, sis! It's my turn!" Theo said and picked one card from Aya's cards. Aya picked a card from Brian's cards. This cycle continued until it was only Aya and Theo who were left. Aya was holding one card while Theo got two. It was Aya's turn and she picked the right pair of her ace card from Theo.

" Oh, men!" Theo said when he had lost the game.

" Yehey! I won!" Aya shouted out loud merrily.

Everyone laughed at Theo who lost and Alicia gave the lipstick to Aya.

Aya took the lipstick and drew a

oo extravagant. I think It's not appropriate. " She said.

Mike touched the pendant of the necklace. " For me, It suits you perfectly and I don't care about how costly it is. As long as your happy, I'm happy."

Aya sighed and looked away at him. " Let's go back home, Mike. I feel tired and I need to rest my legs." She made an excuse to avoid the looks on Mike's face. He was staring at her passionately and Aya felt uncomfortable.

" Okay!"

Mike drove his car and Aya was silently sitting next to him.

They remained silent until they reached Aya's place.

" Thanks for today, Mike!" She said as she opened the car door.

Mike purposely grabbed her hand and stopping her from getting off the car.

" What's wrong, Mike?" She asked.

"Aya, can we talk privately for a couple of minutes? Please?" His eyes were pleading.

She decided to get back in the car and waited for Mike to say a word.

Mike bowed his head and took a deep breathe before looking at her.

" Aya, do you know why I'm always letting you stay by my side?" He started.

"I don't know either." She answered frankly.

Mike took her hand and kissed it lovingly.

" Please don't hate me?" He pleaded.

Aya got curious about his words. " Why are you saying that? I'm not going to hate you."

" Promise me first that no matter what happens today, you'll stay by my side. Promise me." Mike continued.

" Cheez! What's with you?" She's getting annoyed and impatient. " Okay. I promise!"

Finally, Mike became more serious and looked at her passionately and lovingly.

"I love you, Aya! I'll do anything and give you everything you want."

Aya was shocked by his confession. She never imagined her best friend might fall for her. Her face saddened on this situation. She shook her head in disbelief.

"I do love you, Mike but I don't want to consider you as my lover. I'm sorry! I don't want to hurt your feelings but that's the truth. I better say the truth rather than lie to you. I treasured you as one of the most important person in my life."

" As I expected! You never lie, do you? You've been like that since we first met but I'm not disappointed because I know you would say that to me. At least, now you know my true feelings for you."

Aya felt guilty and sad to see Mike's depression. If only she could teach her heart to love him back but she can't. Her heart was already captured by Charles.

"We're still friends, right?" Aya said to console her friend.

" Yes! But I hope someday, you'll see me not only as a friend." He said in a sad tone.

Mike embraced her tightly and tears fell in his eyes. She just let Mike do what he always does to her even if he confessed his love for her. She got off the car and left him alone after their conversation.

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